Discord Javascript Error: Complete fix for Fatal, Uncaught exception and Error installing

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It’s usually a smooth-sailing experience when there are no technical issues during program installations. However, when you do face technical errors, there are several fixes you can try. The same goes if you are facing installation errors on the Discord program, with Discord javascript error on startup being one of the most common issues. 

If it’s your first time installing the Discord program and facing installation error, we recommend trying our first not-so-technical solution. If the first solution does not work for you, carefully follow the instructions that we have included in other solutions. 

Solution 1 – A clean reinstall 

One of the simplest solutions you can try for discord javascript error is to perform a clean reinstall on the program. In fact, the installation troubleshooting page in the Discord website itself suggests uninstalling and reinstalling the program. 

Step 1 – To make sure that you perform a completely clean reinstall, unpin the program from the taskbar.

Remove the program from the system tray. 

Step 2 – The next step is to open the task manager and end Discord process if it’s running in the background. 

If there are multiple Discord processes running in the background, make sure to end all of them. 

Step 3 – Uninstall the discord program by opening the Control Panel. 

Under the Programs section, click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ option. 

Choose Discord from the list of programs shown and right-click to open the uninstall option. 

Step 4 – After you are done uninstalling Discord, locate the temporary data folders of the program and delete them in order to prevent discord javascript error during the next clean install. Locate the temporary data folders by opening the Run window (Windows + R key) and type the command %appdata%

From the list of the data folders shown, choose Discord and delete it. 

Step 5 – The next step is to delete the local temporary data folder of Discord. Open the Run window and type %localappdata%

Choose the Discord folder and right-click on it to delete it.

Step 6 – Empty the recycle bin, restart your computer, and reinstall the program by downloading it from the official website’s download page

Solution 2 – Removing administrator permission 

Another simple fix for common Discord installation problems, including ‘discord a fatal javascript error occurred’ is to remove the administrator permission/rights. 

Step 1 – The first step is to right-click on the Discord desktop icon and open the Properties tab. 

Click on the Advanced option and uncheck the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Step 2 – Click on the Properties tab again and go to the compatibility section. Once you’re there, uncheck the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ option and click on OK.

Solution 3 – Overriding antivirus quarantining

It’s often the antivirus program that is the cause for common Discord installation error types such as discord javascript error uncaught exception. In many cases, the antivirus program tends to wrongly quarantine the installation files of programs, including Discord, which results in installation errors. 

By overriding the quarantining of the installation files, it is possible to fix the Discord installation error

Step 1 – Open the antivirus program you use and locate the Quarantined files option/tab. 

Step 2 – Open the Quarantined files/items tab and if you see files that include the name Discord, restore them. 

The processes for accessing the quarantined files/items vary from one antivirus program to another. For your convenience, we’ve researched and compiled quarantined files/items accessing guides for some of the most popular and widely-used antivirus programs below:

If you use Mcafee, click here.

If you use Avast, click here

If you use Norton, click here.

If you use AVG, click here.

If you use Bitdefender, click here

If you use Avira, click here

If you use Sophos, click here

If you use Panda, click here

Solution 4 – Changing the startup type to automatic

In many cases, error messages such as ‘A javascript error occurred in the main process’ may pop up when one or more audio services are absent or if there’s a specific corruption in the installation files. 

Changing the startup type in the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience to automatic is one of the common recommendations on how to fix Discord javascript error

Step 1 – Open the Run window by using the combination Windows + R key and type services.msc

Step 2 – From the list of options, choose Quality Windows Audio Video Experience and double click to open it. 

Under the general category, set the startup type to Automatic and then click on Ok. 

Step 3 – If the Discord javascript error persists, open Quality Windows Audio Video Experience and click on the Log On section. 

Click the Browse button and choose the Advanced option.

Click the Find Now button and choose your user account from the list of accounts fetched in the Search results section. Click on Ok to apply changes. Refresh your computer and launch the Discord program installation again. 

Alternative solutions

Installation errors can, at times, be complex. Although the solutions we have included here are recommended across multiple forums, including Reddit, and have worked, the discord javascript error that you are facing may be unique specifically to your computer. 

If none of the solutions that you’ve tried has worked for you, the support team at Discord may be able to offer the best help. We recommend reaching out to the support team by submitting your query/concern here

Use the web app version

If you are a gamer and urgently need to use Discord in order to chat/communicate with your gaming team/friends, we recommend using the program’s web app version. You have to enter your username in order to use the web app.

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