10 Best MMO Mouse for Gaming in 2021

Choosing the best MMO Mouse that will suit your need might not be an easy task after all, as there a ton of features, prices and designs to consider.

Peripheral devices have greatly enhanced the experience of computer users. Either it is meant for general use or for special use; playing computer games have not been better than this. From the release of gaming mice to headsets and keyboards, users are spoiled for choice with the saturation of these devices in the market.

In choosing the best MMO Mouse, the things you need to consider include speed, sensitivity, control, cost, size, etc. So, to help you decide on what is best for your gaming needs, we’ve conducted extensive research on the best MMO mouse that will improve the quality of your gaming experience and meet up with your personal preferences.

Let’s get started!

10 Best MMO Mouse for gaming

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum (Best Overall)

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is also following its long list of devices that have done a great job in the hands of users. At its pricing, the number of features of this device puts it in contention as one of the best in the market.

There are a number of things that makes this MMO mouse form part of this list ranging from design to display. It is one thing that gamers can cruise from 200 to 12,000 DPI not just on the software but across the board. It comes with spectrum lighting and the Logitech’s customised RGB lighting. In addition to featuring an ambidextrous design, the Chaos Spectrum mouse can be used both as a wired connection as well as a wireless connection.

It should be noted that the G900 Chaos Spectrum is a flagship device, matching its pricing with its all-around feature. As part of using this device, users can enjoy having a feel of using the company’s legendary suite. There is no notable downside to this device apart from its pricing which can be defended by its features. Also, design-conscious individuals might frown at the aesthetics of its ambidextrous design. Here are its pros and cons


  • It is fully customizable with programmable buttons
  • Brilliant switches and sensors, making it best in class performance
  • Beautiful RGB spectrum lighting


  • The pricing is quite high for persons on a budget
  • Absence of charging dock
  • The design might not be generally accepted

The Logitech G900 is arguably the most powerful wireless devices currently available in the market, and its look with great brilliance.

Steel Series Rival 700 (Featured Vibrating & OLED)

Steel Rival series has won over the hearts of passionate gamers. With its 700 series, there is no turning back for this unique series and it will remain in the minds of most gamers for as long as possible. Featuring a vibrating system, the Rival 700 series brings a feature that is not common to MMO devices. Its OLED display shows a variety of display functions including settings. There are downloadable GIFs that have been put in place to give its display function a unique feel and these can also be got from several other series.

In addition to its customisable OLED displays, the Rival 700 offers other technical features. These include RGB lightening, customisable tactile alerts, adjustable DPI settings plus an 8000 DPI max on its laser sensor as well as 16,000 DPI max on its optical sensor. Apart from its relatively high cost which has been fully justified by its amazing features, left-handed users might not find using the device with such ease as right-handed users. This is because it does not come with an ambidextrous design. That being said, here are its pros and cons


  • Innovative modular design
  • A design change featuring a gimmick OLED display
  • Built for every grip style
  • RGB lighting that matches the industry standard
  • Programmable tactile alerts that notify gamers of in-game activities
  • It is fully customizable to meet the needs of its user


  • Its pricing may be a downturn to some persons
  • It does not feature an ambidextrous option
  • Even though its modules are helpful, they are not available at very cheap prices.

The Rival 700 series has a modular design, as well as a design that allows its physical components to be swapped. Renowned as the only vibrating mouse, all its other features put it ahead of its peers.

Razer Death Adder Chroma (Best Budget)

The second coming of the DeathAdder by Razer should be of no surprise to most gamers due to sophistication at an affordable price. After releasing different mice, the clamor on Razer to return the DeathAdder to its fold was high.  Then, the DeathAdder Chroma was released, which met the current market demands.

The DeathAdder Chroma comes with a lighting system which can be assessed using the Razer Synapse 2.0 which is as brilliant as ever, making the RGB implementations to be one of the best currently in the market. This device is an improvement to the DeathAdder in virtually every aspect. Armed with a sensor that is capable of delivering a 10,000 DPI output, the DPI of the Chroma can be controlled and adjusted to the preference of the user. Talking about device software, the Synapse 2.0 by Razer is very reliable, its great performance puts it among the very best in the market. Apart from slight changes in hardware, the Chroma does not bring any revolutionary change with it. The company decided to maintain most of its past features as they are still in vogue, ensuring that the device remains as simplistic as possible. Well said, Razer’s Chroma is one of the most impressive devices presently found in the market. Here are the pros and cons of selecting these devices


  • Razer has been tried, tested and found to be capable
  • Its Synapse 2.0 software suite remains part of the best there is.
  • Its Chroma effect and lighting is beautiful
  • Quality and solid construction.
  •  Fully customizable buttons.


  • No much innovative improvement made to this device

Razer’s DeathAdder has always been a fan favorite. Its second coming has only met similar response as its first. The Chroma has only improved what fans loved, by upgrading its features; Razer had brought back this beloved device and put it in line with the latest market demands.

Razer Ouroboros

Think about an ambidextrous device and think about Razer’s Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is way too good as a gaming device. It features a great combination as a wired or wireless device and its pips the Asus Spatha as an ambidextrous device. Still, this device has been available for some time and can be seen as an old mouse. In spite of this, it does a pretty excellent job. To start with, the Razer is designed with adjustable parts that allow users to shift the parts around and tune its weight. The palm rest can also be tuned to increase the gripping experience of the mouse. It features 11 programmable buttons with sensors that give excellent accuracy. The Razer’s Ouroboros does not feature RGB lighting and it is quite expensive for users with a limited budget in place. Apart from these, this MMO mouse can be quite confusing to use. Well, its pros and cons are highlighted below.


  • The Razer’s Ouroboros is a highly customizable device
  • It features a wired and wireless connection according to the user’s preference
  • The ambidextrous design is a great appeal among game-users
  • It features dual sensors that increase its accuracy
  • It has long battery life for uninterrupted gaming sessions
  • The Razer Synapse 2.0 software is ever efficient


  • It is not simple to use
  • Its pricing is on the high
  • It will not appeal to users who prefer devices with RGB lighting

This seemingly old device has proven to be in tune with the present demands of the market. It offers great customizable features as well as an excellent sensor.

Corsair M65 PRO RGB (Budget friendly, RGB)

The expedition of Corsair into the creation of game peripherals caught the attention of many from the onset. The catch to their product line is that there is no much price disparity between their models. This is also similar to the features of these devices, Users would not be sacrificing many features when they decide to opt for other products in this line. That being said, the Corsair’s M65 PRO is among the best devices in the market at present. Produced with budget-oriented users in mind, it gives a lot of features in return. Its RGB lighting can be adjusted from the Corsair’s customisation software which requires some learning process. Still, the software remains simple to master. The weight of the mouse can be made lighter as it comes with a tuning system of customisable buttons. These customisable buttons can be used in adjusting the DPI settings of the device. It also ensures that gliding through the device can be made easier to suit the user’s preference. Here are its pros and cons.


  • The adjustable DPI setting using the Sniper button is a great addition to the mouse
  • Quality and solid product from the cable to the mouse itself
  • Great performance to price ratio
  • The adjustable weight endears it many gamers
  • Great customization feature using the flexible CUE software.


  • Its design might not be generally accepted

The M65 PRO is generally designed for FPS gamers but is suitable to other gaming genres.


The Asus Rog Spatha’s design makes it more than just any gaming mouse. Using magnesium alloy in place of traditional materials, Asus decided to marvel its users. It can be both used wirelessly and with a cord input. As with other peripheral mouse devices, it has RGB lights and other regular features that hit the ground running as soon as it is inserted. The Spatha mouse has been found to weigh more than its competitor; still, its featured programmable buttons might simply convince users to pay less attention to its weight. By using Asus Armoury software, you can program the 12 buttons as you would like, the buttons make use of Omron switches for high click cycle and are replaceable in case they wear out. You can also expect to derive comfort from long gaming sessions by using this device, amazing ergonomics, as well as an 8,200 max DPI.

The Asus Spatha is an almost perfect gaming mouse. Apart from its weight, its flimsy side buttons might be a let off to some persons. Still, it doesn’t remove the efficiency of the device. Here are its pros and cons:


  • It is stocked with tons of hardware and software features that enhance its quality
  • It is a highly customizable device that is well suited for gaming
  • Ease of use as a result of high customization
  • Stunning design with its RGB lighting
  • In addition to being beautiful, it is a solid mouse
  • It is very comfortable to use, and it is part of the most comfortable in the market.


  • It can leave a considerable gap in the pocket as it is highly priced
  • Users with small hands might find it a bit difficult to handle as it is huge
  • Its weight is a bit too heavy when compared to other gaming mice

So, if you are picking the Asus Spatha Mouse, you can expect to get a massive gaming device with RGB effects, additional buttons, as well as a long list of features. In addition, the Spatha Mouse is armed with the resources that allow syncing with other ROG products which include graphics cards, motherboards, and the Asus keyboard.

CORSAIR SCIMITAR RGB (Best programmable buttons)

Speaking about peripheral devices with programmable buttons, the Corsair Scimitar RGB is one of the best in the market. Unlike the M65 PRO, the Scimitar was released with the MMO community in mind. It massively features 17 programmable buttons in total, with 12 mechanical buttons found on the slider- situated on the mouse’s left side. Attached to the package is a hex screw-driver which allows the slider to be adjusted based on the preference of the user. The Pixart ADNS sensor of this device is among the best presently found in the market which supports a 12,000 DPI max which is also adjustable. This device is designed with a focus on persons with large hands and its buttons not only convenient but highly responsive. It comes with a glossy or matte plastic with aluminum in-lining which provides a good heft. The Corsair Scimitar has 4-zoned RGB lighting which can be assessed and controlled with its utility software. The same utility can be used in programming its keys, control lights and assign macros. In terms of performance, the Corsair Scimitar brings something unique as it targets a different range of gamers. It can be compared to the Logitech Proteus Spectrum G502 but differs in the number of macro keys as well as it is more suited to users with bigger hands. Here are its pros and cons.


  • Its quality is top of the line
  • Brilliant tracking provided by Pixart sensor
  • Its 17 programmable buttons are amazing and a delight  for MMO gamers
  • Its RGB 4 zone lighting can link with other peripherals from Corsair


  • Some users find the mouse to be hefty
  • The device comes with thumb buttons that might not appeal to persons who won’t use them.

Being the device with the most programmable buttons as well as meeting up to the market’s demand, there is no denying that this MMO mouse is exceptional.

Logitech G502

The G502 by Logitech is one of its devices that have helped in maintaining a solid foundation in the gaming-peripheral industry. The G502 is simply an upgrade to the bestselling proteus core from Logitech and only differs with the spectrum lighting inclusion- the company’s version of RBG lighting. It is focused on budget-oriented individuals who would like to have a taste of quality at a lesser cost, unlike its G900 product. In fact, it is half the cost of some flagship devices and comes at a great value for money. The MMO mouse comes with a number of features including a DPI of 12,000max as well as 11 programmable buttons. It does not offer much change to its Proteus Spectrum apart from the RGB lights that other peripherals in the market have. Here are some of the pros and cons of this peripheral MMO mouse.


  • The LogitechG502 has excellent sensitivity and tracking range
  • It is beautifully designed and it easily catches the eye
  • It allows high customization with the inclusion of 11 programmable buttons
  • It comes at good pricing for excellent performance
  • Wide DPI range with up to a max of 12,000


  • It is not built with left-handed users in mind

For users who would like to have a great device that offers a beautiful design with an amazing response at a cheaper price, the Logitech G502 is a go-to choice.


The Corsair Sabre RGB is widely known as the younger brother the M65 pro. Although it is a supposed downgrade, it comes with a unique identity of its own. First, it is coming at a cheaper price makes it a great option for budget-oriented users. Apart from this, it has an attractive design that will catch the attention of most gamers as well as an impressive DPI max of 10,000. Although the Corsair sabre is a more simplistic device when compared to other devices mentioned earlier, it does an outstanding job at being simple. Its design is stealthy as most gamers would prefer their devices to be. It also has RGB lighting as compared to other MMO mice in the very top chain of the market. It comes at a lightweight and does not have any weight tuning system with it. As with other peripheral devices, Corsair’s Sabre comes with pros and cons. Some of them have been highlighted below:


  • It offers easy gliding
  • Its sensors are excellent, providing a DPI of 10,000
  • It is highly customizable with programmable buttons to suit the needs of the user
  • The Corsair utility engine can be used to adjust its RGB lighting and program its buttons
  • It has a great price-performance ratio.


  • It feels awkward when held.

Apart from the low pricing which makes this device a suitable choice for users who wouldn’t want to make a splash on their pocket, this device is quite simple and it possesses impressive features.

Razer Naga Hex V2

The last device on our list of best MMO device is the Naga Hex v2. Although highly revered in MOBA games, Razer’s Naga has found great use in the MMO series. For games requiring much keyboard shortcuts, the Naga Hex has proven to be quite handy. First, the number of customizable buttons present on this device makes it a go-to choice for gamers. Also, those games with a long list of keyboard shortcuts can be conveniently mapped on this peripheral mouse. In addition to the extra features present, it has an amazing thumb grid that enables users to go through gaming sessions with ease. The thumb grid has mechanical switches that not only improve the gaming experience of its users but prevents wear. Still, on the thumb grid, the buttons have a tactile feel which is an attractive proposition to many gamers. Razer’s Naga V2 also has the regular features that other MMO mouse will that puts them among the best in the market. You can expect to get a whooping DPI of 16,000, and a controlled RBG lighting using the Synapse 2.0 software. To cap it all up, the present buttons on this mouse can be programmed to suit the needs of the user. Here are the pros and cons of this device.


  • It features an optical sensor that is highly sensitive with a whooping DPI of 16,000
  • The Naga Hex v2 comes with fully customizable buttons
  • The Synapse 2.0 suite is also a great tool from Razer
  • Its constructions and design are solid
  • The Chroma lighting is amazing
  • The presence of mechanical switches makes the grip great


  • It lacks an ambidextrous design
  • Its design might seem odd to some users

The Naga Hex V2 is an amazing device that brings the top of class quality with traditional features. Its sensitivity is one that will catch the eyes of any e-gamer.

Making a choice of which mouse to get might not be an easy task for you, but this compilation of the 10 best MMO Mouse will give you a head start on what might be suitable for you as well as giving you the best market trends.


It can prove to be somewhat difficult to choose a gaming MMO mouse because of the extensive list of choices available in the market. Still, this is very possible in the right direction. MMO mice come in different sizes, shapes as well as colors; you only have to decide what you want first. In addition, the sensitivity and the mode of connectivity of the mouse will also help in deciding what is best for you. The genre of the game naturally influences the decision to go for a certain mouse, whether it should be a standard right click, left click arrangement or middle button. Whatever your interest is in deciding your gaming mouse, this guide is here to put you on the right track.

Selecting your MMO Mouse: Parameters that will help you decide

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

Regardless of the use of the mouse, each mouse comes with a DPI rating. Basically, the higher the rating, the lesser the movement required on the mouse to move the cursor over a set distance.  To have the best control over the cursor movement and to get the best feel as to how well it moves, you should opt for a mouse with a DPI range of 800 – 1000. It is noteworthy that each game has a required DPI setting and they can be adjusted.

Having a high dpi device can be helpful, and the rate at which you adjust to a high or low-responsive mouse will set the pace of your gaming experience. Most MMO mouse features a DPI switch, which can be located on the main body of the device to easily change the settings while on board.

Optical or Laser Sensor

In times past, most gamers see optical gaming mouse as the go-to device. One major reason for this is that it does not lag, unlike its laser counterpart. Also, optical mice had sensors that were more reactive which enhances the gaming experience of users.

More recently, with the advancements in technology, most gamers argue that the lags experienced in laser-sensor mice are not present. There are some manufacturers that are using laser technology to power their flagship products with no hassle. Still, all you need to look out for is a gaming experience with no lag issues.


Your natural hand should determine the type of mouse you should go with. If you are left-handed, choose a left-handed mouse and if you are right-handed, go for a mouse that favors your right hand.

Wireless or wired

Today, wireless mice are more responsive than ever before and can support games played at very high speed. The market is saturated with mice of both categories, so it is basically your choice to go for one over the other. But, you should know that wired mice are available at a lower cost when compared to their wireless counterparts.


Most devices currently available in the market features some forms of designs and lighting. The color displayed by the device basically boils down to your choice. If you would like a certain color, you should go for a device that supports it or allows a change in color, while if you detest the lighting emitted from the peripheral, you should opt for a mouse that suits your need.


Most MMO mice feature either a palm or claw grip. The palm grip allows its user to place the whole hand on the mouse. By squeezing the thumb and heel together to produce pressure, a palm grip mouse is controlled. The claw grip requires a claw shape on the mouse pushing the device to the rear. Users who have a preference of quick and precise gaming movements will prefer stick to claw grip mice, while users who would prefer more comfort as well as placing less pressure on the various parts of the hand should opt for the palm grip.


The pricing of the device is more likely to affect the choice of device you want to go for. To get something worthwhile, you should be set to part with a reasonable sum of money. Still, there are considerable prices available that will give a blend of class and what is affordable.


Are battery swaps possible?

Yes, battery swaps are possible

If the device is totally wireless, do I need a USB port for any wireless connection?

Depending on the version you buy, this device is both wireless and wired. Both ways, you will need a sub-slot

As a wired mouse, does it still require 2 AA batteries?

No, it does not require batteries for as a wired mouse

What is its average battery life on a full charge?

It lasts average about 8-10 hours

What is the best source of charging the mouse, via pc or through an outlet?

It doesn’t really matter where you charge, but the mouse can be used while charging via pc


After weighing all the information that is available on the very best MMO mice in the market, you get to the point where you have to make a decision. After all, is said and done, the choice of what device you have to purchase is really up to you. The most important thing is that you get a device that not only suits your needs but enhances the quality of your gaming experience as well as what you can afford. So, make the move, what you get may be worth more than what you had expected, or not! It comes down to you.