Best Killabee Gaming Chairs Review – Great Warranty

Killabee as a brand was started off in 2001 manufacturing office chairs, and it was during the fall of 2013 when they evolved in the market of killabee gaming chairs delivering with good quality and extremely budget-friendly variants covering from gaming chairs for big and tall users to chairs having inbuilt massage options.

Is Killabee a good brand?

With a history of 19 years of experience in producing ergonomic chairs, Killabee as a brand has owned quality certifications and refined their research and development capabilities. Their gaming chairs are specifically targeted for gamers, office users, smart workers, remote workers, and all those who spend hours sitting in their desks for long hours every single day.

So yes, Killabee is good and proven brand in the market of furniture, and producing ergonomic chairs.

What makes Killabee Gaming Chairs so unique?

Not all brands can withstand and survive in the gaming chair industry for 19 years (still counting), however, keeping this fact aside, Killabee chairs provide certain unique features which is very hard to find in other chairs, given at the price they are selling.

Best features of Killabee Gaming chairs:

Price: This HAS to be in the top, because this brand has gone a step ahead in keeping their prices so competitive, which is that they deal with every stage during the process of making a chair, right from the product conception, design, manufacture, trading, thus eliminating all possible means of middlemen.

Warranty: You pick any Killabee chair, it comes with flat 1 year warranty, where a forty-hour workweek is considered to be normal seating usage. This means you get to use your gaming chair, with confidence, thanks to the upholstery, which brings us to the next feature being,

Upholstery: Killabee chairs use cold cure memory foam and a high density sponge stacked in layers which is the key factor behind the thickness and density that all variants of this brand has to offer in terms of ultimate comfort and support.

So, which type of Killabee Gaming Chairs is best suited for you?

After going through everything that makes the Killabee chair one of its kind, this brand didn’t take lightly either in the producing  chairs mainly in four categories:

KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair 8212-Max weight support

Specially designed for big and tall people to provide maximum support and comfort during long hours of usage, whether it is for office use or for gaming due to its cold cure memory foam technology.

Made with a 21.7 inch wider memory foam seat cushion, and 23.2 inch wider back, the Killabee big and tall gaming chair provides lumbar support coupled with a thick padded headrest, altogether which contributes to enhanced posture and best support while gaming. The exceptionally large size of 25.2″ x 20.5″ x 51.1″ – 53.5″ inches makes this Killabee 8212 chair ideal for big and tall users with height supporting up to 188 cms and weight up to 400 lbs, and a huge backrest length of 33.5 inches.

This chair has other upgrade features like wider and 3-direction armrests along with an adjustable backrest from 90 to 155 degrees which allows you to easily adjust the chair as per your varying needs. The chair is also supported with a heavy duty metal base for its stability.

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair 9015-Best Lumbar Support

This is the chair that came into picture when Killabee as a brand kept their promise during their transition from producing office chairs to delivering chairs which can help in alleviating the pain.

Designed to look like racing gaming chair, this Killabee gaming chair 9015 chair has a footrest coupled with a massage lumbar support. The recline is supported with a high grade explosion-proof hydraulics piston spring, which can offer from 90 to a huge 175 degrees.

The unique feature in this chair is the implant massaging function that activates in the lumbar cushion area making the user to get relieved from the fatigue during long hours of working.

Plus,  the thick padded armrests and adjustable massage lumbar pillow provide an optimal support for maintaining a healthy torso, neck and shoulder muscles.

KILLABEE Racing Gaming Chair 8204-Best Overall

If you are looking for exclusively a gaming chair from a trusted brand and a solid 1 year warranty, well this is the one. The Killabee racing gaming chair 8204 has all the possible features a gaming chair could be stuffed into. You name it!

First of all this chair has a rocking function with locking system that can allow you to have options of tough rocking and smooth rocking as per the situation demands. Followed by, the upgraded model has an adjustable massage lumbar support, a padded retractable footrest, and a heavy duty metal base with smooth rolling casters. All in all, making this chair an easy pick.

The Killabee 8204 memory foam racing gaming chair also covers other possible features like a 3D spine support, a high density sponge memory foam seat cushion, with a sturdy steel frame supporting up to 350 lbs, and a full length backrest.

With all these features, this massage memory foam gaming chair can be ideally used by both gamers as well as working professionals due to its high performance and inbuilt ergonomics.

KILLABEE Ergonomic Gaming Chair 8272-Best Quality

While comfort should be the top priority for selecting your chair, one should look deep into the aspects that drive towards the ease and relief while using a gaming chair. The Killabee ergonomic gaming chair 8272 addresses all these points.

Built with a premium PU leather and high density cold cured foam, this chair has a 20.5 inches wider back and full length back rest recline with a rocking function allowing you  to stretch your limits and lie down completely when you want to have those intermittent breaks during long hours of work.

This chair is special in its own way of being in the budget and giving the premium comfort features without compromising on the accessories like adjustable armrests, angle adjustors, built-in adjustable lumbar support, and 3D spine support.

Still confused?

Here’s a head to head comparison of all the primary technical specs.

ChairClaimBackrest length (inches)Seat width (inches)Max load capacityRecommend height (inches)Armrest pad size (LXW)ReclineRocking functionCheck out here
KILLABEE 8212Big and Tall Gaming Chair33.521.7400 lbs5’8”-6’2”9.8X3.590-155°Rocking Pressure Adjustor 
KILLABEE 9015Massage Gaming Chair31.921.3250 lbs5’6-5’9”18.1X3.190-175°No 
KILLABEE 8204Racing Gaming Chair32.722.4350 lbs5’8”-6’1”11.2X3.990-155°Yes 
KILLABEE 8272Ergonomic Gaming Chair31.921.3300 lbs5’8”-6’2”9.8X3.590-135°Yes 


If you are looking for an office chair that can serve the dual purpose of being a gaming chair as well, and you wish to have a smooth ride without any bumps in having a promising 1-year warranty you can go ahead with any one of the above chairs, eyes closed.

Covering all the features, a premium and high-end gaming chair can provide, the Killabee gaming chairs in the budget range are worth great value for the price you pay.

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