How to Play COD Mobile on PC? Use the official emulator, troubleshoot issues, & learn about ‘cheating’ misconceptions

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Image source: GameLoop

Call of Duty Mobile delivers one of the best first-person shooter and free-to-play gaming experiences on the mobile platform, and there is no doubt about it. By offering weapons, characters, and modes from across the Call of Duty franchise and combining classic locations with relatively-easy initial gameplay, the game topped download charts

What is interesting to know is that, similar to PUBG mobile, you can play Call of Duty Mobile on PC. That’s certainly good news because let’s admit it, gaming on a PC has its own set of advantages, the most important ones being easy accessibility to controls and a spacious viewing real estate. 

Play COD mobile on PC the official and legal way

It’s through an emulator that you can play a mobile game on a PC or a Mac. Although there are various emulators available, including Bluestacks, ARChon, LDPlayer, it’s best to use the official emulator GameLoop in order to avoid compatibility issues and account ban. 

Playing COD mobile on PC with the GameLoop emulator is easy. Follow the steps we’ve listed below in order to make your transition from a mobile to a PC a smooth-sailing experience. 

Step 1: Visit GameLoop’s official website and click the download button on the Call of Duty Mobile banner slide (located on the 3rd slide of the top website banner).

Open the setup file and install it on your PC. Once you start the installation process, you will be able to see a small-sized window that shows the installation progress. 

Step 2: After the setup file installation is complete, the GameLoop content will appear and will automatically start downloading and installing Turbo AOW Engine. 

Once done, choose Call of Duty from the list of games included under the GAME CENTER section and click the download button. Make sure that the Call of Duty version you choose has the ‘GAMELOOP FEATURE TAG.’

After the download is complete, GameLoop will automatically install the game. 

A new installation window will appear which will look like this:

Upon completion of the installation process, the game will download a couple of additional resources and then it’ll be good to go for you to play.  

Make a couple of necessary tweaks

We recommend changing a couple of setting parameters of GameLoop and the game itself to help you enjoy a full-fledged PC gaming experience. 

Step 1: The first couple of settings you need to change is for GameLoop. At the top-right corner of GameLoop dashboard, click the hamburger menu and go to Settings. 

Under the Basics tab, uncheck the ‘Run at Startup’ option. 

Step 2: Next, go to the Engine tab and choose the ‘Smart Mode’ under the Rendering category. If your PC has a dedicated graphics card, enable the ‘Prioritize Dedicated GPU’ option. 

Depending on the configuration of your PC, you can allocate more RAM, CPU, and graphics processing power to the game by fiddling with the settings in the Engine section. 

Step 3: If you have a gaming PC that uses a dedicated graphics card, you can also increase the gaming resolution by going to the Game tab. 

Change a few game settings

A couple of game setting changes we’ve recommended below may improve your gaming convenience. 

Step 1: Locate Call of Duty on GameLoop under ‘My Games’ section and click the ‘Play’ button. Once the game starts loading/booting, you can view the default controls by simply dragging the game window left. 

You can also click the ‘Fullscreen’ button in order to view the game in a proper PC gaming feel. 

Step 2: After the game fully loads, go to the setting section. 

If the game is in ‘Simple Mode’ by default, change it to ‘Advanced Mode.’

Step 3: Under Settings, go the ‘Basic’ category and uncheck the ‘Aim Assist’ option. 

Scroll down to the ‘Always Sprint’ section and make sure that the sensitivity is more than 50%. In most cases, it is set to 65% by default which is good to go. 

Scroll down to the ‘Camera FOV’ section and increase the ‘FOV range’ if you want to see more of your surroundings in the game. By default, it is set to 60%. 

Step 4: Go to the ‘Audio and Graphics’ category and set the ‘Graphic Quality’ and ‘Frame Rate’ to the maximum for the best game graphics. 

Play COD mobile on PC: GameLoop installation errors

Many players face downloading and installation errors when trying to play COD Mobile on PC with emulators. The two common causes include installation file read error and server issues. We’ve listed two fixes below: 

Solution 1  

The first fix is to reinstall GameLoop from the scratch. To do this, you need to uninstall the program and delete all the temporary files. 

Step 1: Uninstall GameLoop from the Control Panel. 

Step 2: Delete all the temporary files and folders in your computer by typing ‘temp’ in the ‘Run’ window. Open the Run window with Windows + R key combination.

Select all the files and folders in the ‘Temp’ folder and delete them all. Click ‘Continue’ and check ‘Do this for all current items’ on the first prompt. 

Click the ‘Skip’ button and check the ‘Do this for all current items’ option on the second prompt.

Step 3: Open the ‘Run’ window again (Windows + R key) and type ‘%temp%.’

Similar to the previous steps, select all the files and folders in the ‘Temp’ folder and delete them. Click ‘Continue’ and check ‘Do this for all current items’ on the first prompt.

Click the ‘Skip’ button and check the ‘Do this for all current items’ option on the second prompt.

Once done, re-download the setup file from the official GameLoop website and install it. 

Solution 2

If the first solution doesn’t work, the odds are great that it’s the server issue that’s causing the installation error. Here’s a simple fix for server issues: 

Step 1: Uninstall the GameLoop program in the Control Panel. 

If you already have a premium VPN plan, open the VPN. If no, we recommend downloading and installing Proton VPN from the official website

Step 2: Once you’ve opened/installed the VPN, choose a proxy location. We recommend choosing Singapore as it worked for us. 

Step 3: Redownload the GameLoop program from the official website and install it. Make sure that you do not turn off the VPN until the entire game downloads and boots up. 

NOTE: If GameLoop is banned in your location, we recommend using VPN (with a high/unlimited bandwidth) not just while downloading and installing GameLoop and Call of Duty Mobile but also while playing the game. 

Paying COD Mobile on PC is cheating: breaking the misconception

Many gamers are on the misconception that players taking Call of Duty Mobile on the PC platform get competitive advantages over mobile players. This is not the actual case as Android Authority highlights that emulator players are matched with other emulator players and not with mobile players.