7 Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hands: Understanding Hand Size and Mouse Dimensions for Ergonomics

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Mouse sizes aren’t universal, neither are they a one-size-fits-all solution as hand sizes differ from one person to another. What’s more surprising is mouse sizes are often overlooked. This is especially true with gaming mouse models as their myriad functions and features tend to shift users’ focus away from size, dimensions, and hand fit.

And ironically, size highly matters in gaming mice as it is a crucial aspect of the overall hand-related ergonomics. If you have larger hands and feel from your past experiences that a regular-sized mouse model will not be comfortable for you, you’re already halfway through making the right decision. 

The further steps you need to take include knowing the proper measurements of your hand, learning about the dimensions of gaming mouse models, factoring in other important ergonomic aspects, and then eventually choosing the right gaming mouse that suits your requirement. And guess what? This post is all about these essential steps. And as a bonus, we’ve carefully curated some of the best gaming mice for large hands.

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Know your hand measurements (gaming mouse for big hands)

Are your hands actually large or is it just the way you feel? You can only be utmost sure if you know the proper measurements of your hand. The two most important measurements to take in order to determine your hands’ size are hand length and hand width. 

Here’s a simple illustration of the reference points you should take in order to measure your hands’ length and width: 

Image credit: Razer

You can use a measuring tape to measure your hand length and hand width. If you do not have a measuring tape or any other type of measuring tool, simply use this online measuring ruler

Make sure to open this online measuring ruler on your computer or tablet in order to view its actual size. Doing this will in turn help you take proper hand measurements. 

One simple and effective way to know your hand size without proper and intricate measurements is to take references from your gloves. For example, if you wear size L gloves, your hands’ width can average at 9.5 to 10 inches. 

Image credit: Glove.org

Gaming mouse dimensions

Similar to other types of electronic accessories and peripherals, gaming mice differ in dimensions and overall size. As such, in order to choose a model that best fits your presumably large-sized hands, it’s important to know which mouse size is actually right for you. 

And in order to do this, it’s worth knowing how mouse measurements are taken. Almost all brands use three metrics, including length, width (or breadth), and height. Here are visual representations of these three measurement metrics: 


Here are top and side views of the length measurement of a gaming mouse 


Here are top and back views of the width measurement of a gaming mouse


Here are side, back, and front views of the height measurement of a mouse

Image credit: 3D render sourced from Sketchfab

Gaming mouse add-ons

Although length, width, and height are good measurement metrics for gaming mice, using just these three metrics doesn’t do justice to the ergonomic dimensions of modern gaming mouse models.

Many modern gaming mouse models come with interchangeable side flaps, palm rests, and grip pads. Although primarily designed to open up more functionalities with multifunction and programmable buttons, these add-ons also perform the double duty of increasing the overall width while maintaining proper ergonomics. As such, this type of model is well-suited as a best gaming mouse for big hands. 

In some gaming mouse models, interchangeable add-ons are included on both sides. 

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In many gaming mouse models, the interchangeable side panels are intended to attach and detach only on one side.

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Gaming mouse for big hands: wired models

Ask most professional gamers and he or she will tell you that it’s worth going for a wired gaming mouse for zero latency and unfailing precision. The best part is, there are plenty of wired gaming mouse models in the large and extra-large size categories. Here are the 5 best ones we could find: 

1. Glorious Model D (best gaming mouse for big hands)

Glorious Model D is one of the few wired gaming mice without add-on palm rests for big hands that fit medium to large-sized hands. With a standard mouse form factor, this model comes as an unmistakable choice for large hands. 

Apart from ensuring the right fit for large hands, this gaming mouse also ensures a high level of comfort with its perforated design that ensures maximum breathability. Also, Glorious Model D doesn’t make any compromises in the performance department. Its ultra-fast click and scroll speed combined with high-end polling rate makes it a professional-level gaming tool. 


  • Suits medium and large size hands without interchangeable add-ons
  • A high-end optical sensor used
  • Zero acceleration feature included


  • The unavailability of interchangeable add-ons may be a downside for some
  • Only three extra functional buttons included

2. Razer Mamba Elite – check it out here

Razer knows its way around designing gaming mouse models to perfection, and the Razer Mamba Elite is no exception. As one of the best gaming mice for large hands, this model not just covers the need for width but also offers sufficient height lift with its top bump. And with extended dimensions, this model also includes extended RGB lighting zones. 

Similar to other high-end gaming mice from the brand, Razer Mamba Elite brings along with it ultra-precise gaming performance that does not fail to elevate your gaming skills and overall gaming experience. The programmable multifunction buttons help you add more efficiency to your gaming skill execution. 


  • Suitable for medium and large size hands
  • Improved side grips ensure advanced ergonomics
  • Onboard cloud storage and memory


  • Interchangeable palm wrists aren’t included
  • Standard mouse feet used

3. Razer DeathAdder V2 – check it out here

Another high-performance gaming mouse for big hands from Razer is the DeathAdder V2. This model is one of the best options for you if you prefer a large-sized gaming mouse to have a sleek overall profile. Also, it is interesting to note that this model is one of the largest wired gaming mice in the brand’s catalog. 

Razer DeathAdder V2 sports carefully designed curves that maintain optimum ergonomics for pain-free long hours of gaming. Also, all the buttons on this model have just the right amount of travel to help you effortlessly execute your gaming skills. 


  • The optical sensor offers 0.2 ms of response time
  • Suitable for large and extra-large hand sizes 
  • Lightweight overall design


  • Interchangeable side flaps not included

4. BenQ Zowie EC1 – check it out here

BenQ Zowie EC1 is specifically designed for big hands which undoubtedly makes it one of the best gaming mice for large hands. Its extra-large dimensions ensure a high level of comfort for large hands with both palm and claw mouse holding styles. But it’s not just standard dimensions that make this model a great option for large hands.

BenQ Zowie EC1 uses the brand’s top-tier and fine-tuned 3360 optical sensor that ensures precise aiming and accurate tracking through and through. With an adjustable report rate and DPI, you can customize this mouse as per your gaming skills and the games you play. 


  • Suitable for large and extra-large hands
  • Dedicated DPI and report rate adjustment switch included
  • Driverless functionality 


  • Standard mouse feet used
  • Report rate adjustment only possible by unplugging the USB 

5. Alienware AW510M – check it out here

Alienware AW510M comes as an investment-worthy gaming mouse for big hands but in a peculiar way. This model does not have broad dimensions that are typical of many large-sized gaming mice. However, it does include an extended tail that makes it perfect for people who have long fingers and require more length than width size in a mouse.

Alienware AW510M delivers maximum performance with its high-precision optical sensor. Also, the combination of a customizable scroll wheel and programmable multi-function buttons opens up endless options to optimize your game skill execution. 


  • Extended mouse tail suitable for long hands
  • Fully customizable scroll wheel
  • Premium build quality


  • Interchangeable palm grips not included
  • Standard mouse feet used

Best Wireless Mouse for Big Hands

Large-sized gaming mouse models aren’t just reserved for the wired connectivity category as they are available in the wireless connectivity domain as well. In fact, there are many wireless large-sized models that outcompete even the biggest wired gaming mice in terms of overall hand fit and ergonomics. Here are several wireless large-sized gaming mice that are worth the purchase:

1. Logitech G604 (best wireless mouse for big hands)

Logitech G604 gives tough competition to some of the biggest gaming mice in the wireless connectivity realm by combining large-sized ergonomic dimensions with top-tier features. This model suits large-sized hands with its extended dimensions and ergonomic thumb rest flap. Adding more comfort is the seamless upper-middle curve and strategically placed grips. 

Logitech G604 packs a punch with several top-tier features, including ultra-fast Lightspeed dual connectivity, proprietary HERO 25K sensor, and 15 programmable buttons. This model also packs other additional features, including a mechanical button tensioning system, onboard memory, and dual-mode for the scroll wheel. 


  • Industry-leading optical sensor used
  • Up to 15 programmable multifunction buttons
  • High-quality build


  • 15 control buttons may be overwhelming for some
  • Detachable side flaps not included

2. Razer Naga Pro – check it out here

If you are someone who prefers full-fledged customizability in a large-sized wireless gaming mouse, you cannot go wrong with Razer Naga Pro. This modular gaming mouse comes included with three interchangeable side flaps that differ in terms of functionalities. The side flaps also work great in broadening the width of this mouse, making it perfect for broad hands. 

Razer Naga Pro is versatile enough to help you conquer every title in every game genre. The interchangeable side flaps, in combination with an ultra-accurate optical sensor and a very low latency, helps you optimize your gaming skills for every new gaming venture you start. 


  • Up to 99.6% resolution accuracy
  • Interchangeable side plates extend the width dimensions
  • Up to 20 programmable buttons


  • Not the most lightweight design

3. ASUS ROG Spatha X (2nd best wireless mouse for big hands)

ASUS ROG Spatha X is reminiscent of the high-performance ROG gaming laptops from the brand. Among several wireless gaming mice from the brand, this specific model is well-suited for long hands as it has extended length. Its ergonomically designed side flaps also work great in increasing width and ensuring optimum comfort for broad hands. 

ASUS ROG Spatha X comes equipped with several high-end features, including a 19,000 DPI sensor, micro switches, push-fit switch sockets, and 12 programmable buttons. Also, this mouse offers the option for both wired and wireless connectivity. 


  • Extended length suited for long hands
  • Click force customization option included
  • Support for wireless as well as wired connectivity


  • Weight may be a bit heavy for some
  • Proprietary charging dock used

4. Mad Catz RAT Air – check it out here

Mad Catz RAT Air is undoubtedly one of the bulkiest wireless gaming mice. The beefed-up dimensions of this mouse make it perfect for long and broad hands. This model breaks away from the convention of standard wireless gaming mice by including highly ergonomic top, front, and side flaps. 

Mad Catz RAT Air uses a high-end optical sensor that offers up to 12,000 DPI and ensures the most precise movements. The buttons have just the right amount of travel and great longevity. Also, the secondary scroll wheel of this mouse helps you gain a competitive advantage by making optimum customizations to your gaming settings. 


  • Bulky design suitable for long and broad hands
  • Optical sensor of up to 12,000 DPI
  • Secondary scroll wheel included
  • Wireless charging pad included


  • Not the most lightweight design
  • Not the best build quality

Gaming mouse size comparisons

Want to know how a specific gaming mouse model‘s dimensions compare against that of other models? Here is a brief look into the comparisons between several popular gaming mice sourced from Reddit: 

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

Gaming mouse ergonomics

Choosing the best fitting gaming mouse is the first important step to optimizing your gaming comfort and performance. The next important step is to follow proper ergonomic postures in order to improve the comfort level and keep the risk of wrist or hand injuries at bay. 

Here’s a simple and brief guide on how to properly hold your gaming mouse in order to maintain optimum comfort levels: 

GIF credit: Goldtouch

There is no denying the fact that you have to move your wrists in various directions when gaming. However, it pays to keep your overall hand and wrist as straight as possible when you do not need to make extreme movements. Following this approach will help you keep the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome at bay. 

Image credit: 1HP YouTube

Physiotherapist experts at 1HP suggest keeping a neutral and straight wrist position as much as possible in order to maintain hand comfort. 

Image credit: 1HP 

Here’s a YouTube tutorial video by 1HP that can help you learn about the basic wrist exercises you can do to treat or prevent falcon thumb and PC wrist pain: 

It’s also important to maintain the correct posture for the overall body to safeguard your health while optimizing your gaming performance. Here’s a simple cheat sheet: 

Image credit: Kinesis-ergo


Going just by the numbers isn’t the best way to choose the right fit when choosing a gaming mouse. As such, it’s best to try out as many gaming mice as possible as finding the best fit has got a lot to do with trials and errors. 

One interesting and hassle-free way to try different gaming models in order to find the best fit is to go for the Zowie Mouse Fitting Kit. This kit includes 10 different BenQ Zowie mice of different sizes and features. You can try each model and put them to the test to find your best fit. After you’re done choosing the right model, you can ship back the rest of the models to the brand. Learn more about it here.

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Watch one unboxing and review video here:

Image credit: Randomfrankp

Another simple way to find and get your hands on one of the best wireless mice for big hands is to use this online mouse search tool. The best feature of this tool is you can enter your hand measurements and it will fetch gaming mice of relevant large and extra-large sizes.