How to get the best Fallout 4 weapons?

Warning: this guide contains Fallout 4 spoilers!

In Fallout 4, our mission is to remain alive as the sole survivor of the Vault 111 after a nuclear war. Anyone who’s tried to play this game on higher difficulty levels, where the enemy’s damage is doubled and ours is reduced by half, knows that it’s absolutely nothing simple. In this guide, we’ll try to make your fight for survival easier by providing you a list of the best weapons in Fallout 4 and indicating where to find them. Let’s start by looking at the available weapon types. 

How to get the best Fallout 4 weapons?

The most common weapon types

  • Ballistic Weapons — Weapons for which we need ammunition such as bullets or cannonballs. They include pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Improvised arms (pipe guns) and heavy weapons (e.g., rocket launchers or harpoon guns) also count as Ballistic Weapons.

Pipe Rifle (image source:

  • Energy and Radiation Weapons — This type includes laser weapons, plasma weapons, and gamma weapons. Each weapon requires a specific type of ammunition. 

(Images source —

Fusion Core (Laser weapons ammo)                                      Fusion Cell (Laser weapons ammo)     

Plasma cartridge (Plasma weapons ammo)                           Gamma round (gamma weapons ammo)

  • Melee Weapons — These are all kinds of swords, blades, knives, and baseball bats. They tend not to do much damage, though there are exceptions, such as Cito’s Shiny Slugger dealing 123 points of damage per attack.

     Cito’s Shiny Slugger (image source:

Other weapon types

The matter of weapons in Fallout 4 is very expansive. In addition to the three basic weapon types, we have a ton of other exciting options, such as:

  • Grenades
  • Mines
  • Traps 
  • Weapons with special effects (such as freezing or turning an enemy into dust) 
  • Poison Weapon called “Acid Soaker”, which uses Acid Concentrate as ammunition.
  • Boxing gloves, hooks, knuckles, and many more!

The best Fallout 4 weapons and their locations

Now that we know what types of weapons appear in Fallout 4, let’s talk about the ones that will be most effective in the fight for survival during the apocalypse. 

  • Kellogg’s pistol (.44 pistol)

Weapon Stats: 

  • DPS: 48
  • Range: 119
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Clip size: 6

                                                                                        (image source:

A large part of the Fallout community does not doubt that this is the best gun in the game. Powerful punch, good range, and excellent for a .44 pistol accuracy; what more could you ask for? Even though you get it at the beginning of the game, it can be useful until the very end. Consider using this weapon with The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.). 

How to get it? — Head to Diamond City, look for Nick Valentine, and get the “Reunion” quest. Your mission is to follow Dogmeat, find Conrad Kellogg, and then kill him. After winning the boss fight, you can pick up Kellogg’s gun and clothes.

  • Le Fusil Terribles (Combat shotgun)

Weapon Stats: 

  • DPS: 62
  • Range: 71
  • Accuracy: 41
  • Clip size: 32

                                                                                                   (image source:

If you’re into shotguns, Le Fusil Terribles will surely interest you. This weapon has increased damage and limb damage by 25% due to its legendary effect. One thing to keep in mind when using this weapon is that it has a relatively large recoil. However, you can improve this aspect with mods such as “Full stock” or “Suppressor”.

How to get it? — Search for Le Fusil Terribles in the Libertaria; you’ll find it inside the captain’s cabin located on a wooden hill. Be warned that you will have to deal with many raiders attacking from a far distance, so we recommend taking a sniper rifle before going there.

  • Overseer’s Guardian (Combat Rifle)

Weapon Stats: 

  • DPS: 55
  • Range: 119
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Clip size: 20

                                                                                                                    (image source:

And the sniper rifle you may want to take to Libertaria could be the Overseer’s Guardian.  It’s probably the most flexible weapon in the game; no matter the range, it will get the job done. If someone attacks you from a high distance, you simply switch to the scope and take them out. Just by looking at the stats alone, you can see how powerful this rifle is.

How to get it? — The availability of this weapon is another great benefit. All you have to do is go to Vault 81 and talk to Alexis Combes, from whom you’ll be able to buy the Overseer’s Guardian. And that’s it! This weapon will cost you around 3000 caps.

  • Righteous Authority (Laser gun)

Weapon Stats: 

  • DPS: 26
  • Range: 203
  • Accuracy: 76
  • Clip size: 27

                                                                                                                           (image source:

Righteous Authority is probably one of the better weapons in the early game. Aside from its good stats, you don’t have to worry about ammo availability because it works with common fusion cells, which are available pretty much everywhere. In a late-game, this weapon can also be useful, but you’ll need mods such as a Boosted capacitor, Markman’s stock, or Automatic barrel.

How to get it?Righteous Authority is a reward for completing one of the Brotherhood of Steel’s main quests — “Call to Arms.” After completing the quest, Paladin Danse gives you the weapon.


We hope you enjoyed this guide.  Now that you know what weapons will be most effective in your fight for survival, the gameplay should be much easier. Best of luck!

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