7 Best Gaming Chairs for Big and Tall People (Upto 500 Lbs)

Being big and tall is the dream of most people. In that dominating figure you command respect and people admire you. However, all that fades away when you want to buy a gaming chair. Just like shoes, getting a chair that is designed for a big and tall users can be a serious challenge. This is because this category of people are small in number. Therefore, manufacturers rarely focus on them.

When the options are available, they are either not comfortable or cheaply made. If you are wondering what is the best gaming chair for big guys, that is why we are here. Besides telling you which chairs will support your weight and height, we will also tell you other features that you need to look out for in order to get the full value for your money.

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Review of the big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs

The price of big and tall gaming chairs 500 lbs is usually on the high side. For this reason, you need to get it right all the time or you’ll pay the costly price over and over. After reviewing about a hundred chairs in this category, below are the ones that stood out.

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair – Best overall

The first thing that you will notice with noblechairs is their solid look. It was developed in collaboration with eSports professionals. The diamond-pattern stitches at the back grips you and reduces friction. The entire chair is covered with premium material which is either vegan PU-leather or high-quality leather. But there is more to this heavy duty gaming chair than just the looks.

It was ergonomically designed to provide lumbar support. The armrests are adjustable in four directions which makes it easy for you to customize your comfort. The seat and backrest are enlarged to give big users the best fit. Due to its sturdy steel frame, it can carry a load of up to 330 lb.

Another cool feature worth a mention is the backrest which can be adjusted from 90 to 125 degrees. It also supports rocking function. Like most products, noblechairs have their setbacks. The most obvious is the high price. Also, its 66 pounds weight should make those who want something flexible to think twice.


  • Premium leather covering with diamond patterns
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Large seat and backrest for improved comfort
  • Reclining and rocking functions


  • Highly expensive
  • Doesn’t offer full recline
  • Maximum weight is only 330 pounds
  • Large weight can limit use

Vertagear VG-PL6000 – Best for extra sturdy steel frame

The industrial-trenght heavy duty metal base frame is the reason why this chair can hold up to 440 pounds weight. The 5-star base has also been reconstructed with heavy-duty alloy to give an overall solid structure. Like every premium ergonomic gaming chair, it comes with additional memory foam for neck and lumbar support.

There is a lot you will get to admire in this gaming chair for fat guys including the 4-directional adjustments of the armrests. The backrest is also adjustable from 90 to 140 degrees making this chair suitable for work and rest. Also, the presence of class-4 gas lift gives you an extra boost of adjustability. With this you can adjust the height of your chair to match your table.

Other features worth talking about are the ultra-premium high resiliency foam that gives you unrivalled durability and the Penta RS1 casters inspired by motorsports. PL-6000 weighs a massive 57 pounds and doesn’t come cheap. However, you should feel better knowing that proceeds from the sales goes to veterans.


  • Extra sturdy steel frame
  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 440 pounds
  • Armrests support 4D adjustments
  • Premium resiliency foam and PUC faux leather for durability


  • Extremely expensive
  • Doesn’t offer full recline
  • Large weight may limit its use

Musso Executive Swivel Office Chair – Best budget gaming chair for heavy person

If you are looking for a durable gaming chair at a midrange price, Musso executive swivel office chair will be an easy pick. Its ergonomic backrest design allows the flow of air to cool your back. The curvature on the sides ensures you don’t fall when taking a nap. Although it doesn’t come with a headrest pillow but the position of the headrest has extra padding.

Another thing you need to know about this chair is that the armrests are adjustable and detachable. Detaching the armrests will give you a wider seating space. Musso also shines over some of its competitors by offering a full 90 to 180 degrees recline. Thus, you can use your chair for work, rest, or sleep.

The icing on this product is the one-year worry-free warranty that comes with each purchase. On the down side, Musso has a maximum weight capacity of just 300 lbs which feels like a joke when you compare it to other best gaming chair for big guys. It also has a weight of 54 pounds which can limit its movement. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent choice for those limited by price.


  • Relatively affordable for budget buyers
  • Offers full recline for a decent sleep
  • Detachable armrests for wider seating space
  • Comes with one-year worry-free warranty


  • Lacks headrest support pillow
  • Maximum weight capacity can be better
  • Large weight can limit movement
  • High potential of heating up of your back

Killabee Big and Tall Massage Gaming Chair – Best for built-in massage pillow

Sitting for long hours can lead to serious back or lumbar pain. If you are a marathon gamer, you can beat the odds by investing in a chair with lumbar support. Killabee does not only offer lumbar support, rather, incorporates a USB-powered electric massager into their lumbar pillow. This significantly improves your comfort and reduces fatigue, thereby allowing you to play your favorite games for longer hours.

In addition to this special feature, you will get a footrest. This is another rare feature with potential of improving comfort. The chair also adds memory foam padding on the existing seat cushion and the entire chair is covered with premium PU leather which is fade resistant. This chair can also recline from 90 to 155 degrees making it suitable for work and rest.

This gaming chair offer 350 lbs maximum weight support. Killabee is also highly affordable when you place it side-by-side with most of the competing brands. However, like most competitors, it can feel like a load at 57 pounds. Overall, it’s a descent ergonomic gaming chair.


  • Electric massage incorporated into the lumbar pillow
  • Vents under the headrest to allow air circulation
  • Offers a footrest
  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 350 pounds
  • Highly affordable


  • Doesn’t offer full recline
  • Large weight can limit movement

AmazonBasic Big and Tall Executive Gaming Chair – Best for maximum weight

For very big people, the priority is usually on a chair that can hold their weight. AmazonBasics is one of the few big and tall chairs with 500lbs weight capacity. Inasmuch as it was designed to look like your regular cushion, it still stands out in a number of ways. With the exception of the steel frame, metal base, and casters, the rest of the chair is covered with superior bonded leather.

The seat is spacious to accommodate big people without undermining their comfort. Like every other gaming chair, the base allows 360 degrees swivel. This pairs with the casters to allow you free movement around your table.

Another important feature of this chair is the adjustable height which makes it easy for you to choose your comfort level. The extra padding on the headrest also makes it easier for you to sit back and relax. However, like majority of chairs on our list of best gaming chair for big and tall people, you need to deal with its 58 pounds weight.


  • Supports a massive 500 pounds weight
  • High-quality bonded leather for durability
  • Height adjustment and 360 degrees swivel
  • Extra padding on headrest for comfort


  • Lacks arm and backrest adjustments
  • Lumbar support pillow is absent
  • Large weight can limit movement

Vertagear TSN Racing Series – Best for design

A gaming chair that looks like a real racing car seat will further make you to feel like a part of the game. The Vertagear racing series brings this experience to the user. It comes with additional memory foam headrest and lumbar pillows. The heavy-duty alloy metal frame is an improvement from its predecessor. This also allows the chair to hold up to 330 lbs. weight.

The entire chair is covered with PUC synthetic faux leather which is a hybrid of PVC and PU faux leather. The padding of the chair using ultra-premium high resiliency foam gives the chair a solid finish. However, it also prevents the deformation of the steel frame. This significantly improves durability.

Also, this chair can recline from 90 to 140 degrees which makes it suitable for working or gaming and resting. Furthermore, the height and armrest adjustments allows you to customize your comfort. A tilt tension mechanism beneath the chair makes rocking possible. On the downside, this chair is expensive and weighs 51 pounds. However, its positive outweighs the negatives.


  • Real racing car design
  • Superior PUC synthetic faux leather covering
  • Adjustable height, backrest, and armrests


  • Doesn’t offer full recline
  • Maximum weight support can be better
  • Slightly expensive

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair – Best for staying cool

The major problem with leather coverings is their tendency to heat up—especially when there are no special openings under the headrest to facilitate air circulation. This chair is made of breathable follicle mesh that dissipates buildup of body heat as well as ensures proper ventilation throughout the entire chair. It will interest environmentalists to know that 94% of the chair is recyclable.

Herman Miller Aeron task chair is highly durable because of its classic carbon graphite frame. The front of the seat has a waterfall design which tends to take the pressure off your thighs. Like many other chairs, Herman Miller has its breaking point including the lack of adjustability of the backrest and armrests.

This chair is a bit pricy which makes it more difficult to excuse some of its flaws. Overtime, the lack of headrest may become a source of discomfort for marathon gamers. However, unlike other gaming chairs, it is slightly lighters at 48 pounds making it a bit easier to move it around. Eliminate these setbacks and it might as well be the best gaming chair for tall people.


  • Made of recyclable material
  • Entire seat is a breathable mesh which improves cooling
  • Highly durable
  • Slightly lightweight


  • Absence of headrest is a potential source of discomfort
  • Lacks ability to recline
  • Armrests and backrests are not adjustable
  • Pricy

CORSAIR CF-9010011 WW T1 Gaming Chair – Best for adjustability

The higher the number of adjustments you can make on your chair, the more comfortable the chair tends to be. With CORSAIR, you will get the maximum possible adjustments. For example, the armrests can be adjusted in four different directions. The height is adjustable and the backrest offers full 90 to 180 degrees recline. These are priceless features if more than one person will be using the chair.

There is more to this chair than its adjustments. Its design is modelled from motorsports seats. You will feel like you are part of the action. Unlike other big and tall gaming chairs with similar design, CORSAIR has two large holes beneath the headrest that improves air circulation on your back to keep you cool.

It will only take you few minutes to assemble this chair. Also, at 53 pounds it is considerably lighter than some of its competing brands. However, this is still large enough to prevent easy movement. In terms of price it is average. It definitely ticks the box in the right places and a great asset that can improve your gaming experience.


  • Every part of the chair is adjustable
  • Offers full recline
  • Inspiring real racing car design
  • Considerably affordable


  • A few customers complained about durability
  • Backrest design is a potential source of back pain
  • Maximum weight capacity is only 300 pounds

Maxnomic Ergoceptor – Best for durability

For budget buyers, durability is a serious issue. Maxonomic Ergoceptor was designed using premium materials to take care of this problem. For example, the seat cover is made of multi-layered PU leather for best resistance against peeling, flaking, and sweating. The chair is connected to a reinforced aluminum base by class 4 cylinder and the casters are coated with soft PU material to ensure optimal movement on all surfaces. All thse give it a maximum weight capacity of 375 lbs.

Furthermore, the padding of the chair is made of high-quality, cold-cured foam which retains its shape even after prolonged use. The armrests are adjustable in four different directions. Also, the backrest supports full reclining. This is one of the few tall gaming chairs that offer 2-year warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

Inasmuch as Maxonomic Ergoceptor is a great gaming asset in many aspects, it still has its subtle flaws including the lack of headrest and lumbar pillow. There is also poor ventilation at the back which can make you heat up easily. If you can ignore those, you have a great companion for life.


  • Height, backrest, and armrests are adjustable
  • Deformation resistant cold-cured foam
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • High quality multi-layered PU leather


  • Potential of back heating up is high
  • Highly expensive

AKRacing Max Gaming Chair – Best for warranty

Trusted manufacturers usually offer some sort of warranty as a way of reassuring potential buyers about the quality of their product. With AKRacing Masters Series you will be getting an amazing 5 years manufacturer warranty. This product guarantees durability in many ways. For example, its metal frame has anti-corrosive coating.

To ensure maximum comfort, the padding of the chair is made of high-density, cold-cured foam. This makes the seat resistant to permanent deformation as well as protects the frame from damage. To further improve comfort, the chair comes with lumbar and headrest pillows. Also, the armrests are adjustable in four directions.

AKRacing Masters Series caps off this superior product with a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. and full 90 to 180 degrees recline. This chair does not come cheap. Also, its 57 pounds weight can feel like a lot if you would move it constantly. If you can scale the price hurdle, this is undoubtedly one of the best gaming chair for big and tall people.


  • Massive 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Offers full 180 degrees recline
  • Maximum weight is up to 400 pounds
  • Custom heavy duty gas lift


  • Slightly expensive
  • Large weigh may affect movement

Buying Guide for the Best big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs

No matter how similar two people may look, there is always something that differentiates them, this is true for big and tall gaming chairs 500 lbs. Therefore, a lot of consideration has to go into finding the right gaming chair based on personal preferences. However, no matter what the case may be, the priority will always remain the maximum weight capacity of the chair. Below are some of the factors we put into consideration before compiling this list.

Maximum Weight Capacity

There is no sense in buying a chair that will collapse under your weight. For any chair to make your consideration list, you have to make sure that it can carry your weight. The maximum weight capacity of a gaming chair for heavy person should not be less than 300 lbs. When you go through our list, you will find chairs with a max weight of up to 500 lbs. Once the chair ticks this box, you can go ahead to look at other factors.


The main reason why you want to invest in a gaming chair is likely because of comfort. Using an uncomfortable gaming chair will not only hurt your gaming experience but also your body. If there is one feature that supersedes the rest, it is comfort. The number of adjustments you can do to your chair will also affect your level of comfort. Chairs with adjustable height, armrests and backrest will always win in terms of comfort when compared to the stiffer models.


PU leader has the potential of heating up your body but it is still the most durable covering for gaming chairs. There are chairs that are made of mesh follicles. Ultimately, the choice of material will depend on taste and preference as well as the prevalent weather in your area.


While not all the best gaming chair brands support recline, it can be an important feature that will affect your comfort as well as determine how you use your chair. The best position of the chair when you are working is 90 degrees. However, when gaming, a little recline up to 140 degrees can help you to stay relaxed. For those who frequently sleep on their chair, full 180 degrees recline will turn your chair into a bed.


A large number of gaming chairs for tall people come at a huge cost. This does not mean that you will find a cheaper alternative. However, one thing that we must point out here is that the cost should never be your priority unless you are operating under a tight budget. Always go for a chair that guarantees maximum comfort and can carry your weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs?

To be fair to most gaming chair for heavy person, the best will usually vary from one individual to another based on the factors we pointed out in our buying guide. However, for this list, noblechairs Hero Gaming Chairs really stood out.

  • How much weight can a gaming chair hold?

On the average, most gaming chairs for heavy people will hold between 300 and 400 pounds. However, you will find those that can go as high as 500 pounds.

  • How high should my chair be for gaming?

The height of your chair will depend on your height and the height of the table. Ideally, the perfect chair height is when your feet are flat on the ground and your knee is at right angle.

  • Which chair will hold a heavier person?

There are lots of chairs that can hold heavier people. However, going by our list, your best option will be AmazonBasics.

  • What are the most important features of big and tall gaming chairs 500 lbs?

Maximum weight capacity and comfort are the most important features of a gaming chair for a big and tall person.


Once you get your priorities right, picking the right heavy duty gaming chair will be less of a hassle for you. We have made it easier for you to find a chair that suits you the most by categorizing our selections based on their toughest quality. If you will be using the chair with other people, endeavor to get one with height and armrest adjustments. This will make it easy for every user to pick a setting that that will make the chair comfortable for them. What works for one person may not work for you. However, by sticking with our buying guide, you will be able to pick what will work for you too.

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