Best Overwatch Mods

Two years ago, Overwatch developers introduced the “Workshop,” a place where you can mess around with the game — design skins, game modes, and all kinds of mods. It’s an excellent option for creative players and breaking up a game routine. In this article, we’ll present you with the most exciting mods that you should definitely try, and we’ll give you links to find them (along with codes). Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Overwatch but everything is unfair

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Workshop Code: 6KAGSA

This is probably the most popular mod for Overwatch.  As the name says — everything is unfair, and you’ll probably rage (or have lots of fun, depends on what type of player you are). What does it look like exactly? On the surface, it’s a regular Overwatch game but:

  • When someone scopes at you, it makes you unable to move
  • Matrix eats teammates and dead people
  • Hanzo and Genji are moving at an increased speed 

and many more!  

Sounds fun? Be sure to check out this mod on

Aim Training Labs

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Workshop Code: AA5QQ

Are you a gamer who’s interested in climbing the rankings and winning as many games as possible? If so, you’ll definitely be interested in the mod created by mitsiee — Aim Training Labs. This is a great way to improve your aim skills; If you practice the exercises from this mod regularly, your performance will definitely go up. 

Learn more about Aim Training Labs mod here

Training Chambers

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Workshop Code (Ashe): T3A2J

Workshop Code (Mei): BSRXK

Workshop Code (Mercy): SS39G
Workshop Code (Reaper): 3B81V

Workshop Code (Sombra): 3F4CN

Another mod for competitive gamers. Here, on the other hand, the training and exercises are customized for playing specific heroes. The creator of Training Chambers is a user named DragonEngineer, specializing in creating all kinds of training modes for Overwatch’ Workshop. Interestingly, you can practice against 18 different heroes in each of these Training Chambers!

Learn more about Training Chamber mods by DragonEngineer here

Sans Boss Fight

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Workshop Code: 533MV

One of the most challenging bosses in video game history is now available in Overwatch! All thanks to the Workshop mod created by 흐야야, DoubleSystem, and ChiyuPiryo. Taking on the role of D. Va, you’ll have to defeat the famous boss from “Undertale.” The mod’s creators even kept the music from the original version of the game, which is sure to spark nostalgia for many of you. A great option to go back to your childhood days and “have some bad time.” 

Read about the in-game control rules here


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Workshop Code: 22FJJ

Feel like playing a game of cards between ranked matches? No need to switch to Hearthstone in your client; just launch UNO in Overwatch Workshop and play with friends! The rules are the same as in classic UNO — the same number of cards, the same number of colors, and the same starting hand. This is definitely one of the more creative mods available on Overwatch Workshop.

Before playing, check the control rules on, as they can be unintuitive. 

Overwatch Dead by Daylight

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Workshop Code: ZBSEC

“Overwatch Dead by Daylight” is a mod that every survival game fan has to check out.  The author of the mod himself, nicknamed PainRelievers, has been a creator of DBD-related content on YouTube for years (check out his channel here). It’s a co-op mode, so you can enjoy the game together with your friends. 

Read more about this mod here

Waitedboat4’s Third-person Mod

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Workshop Code: ZBSEC

Have you ever wondered how it would be to play Overwatch with a third-person view? Well, you can now check it out thanks to a mod available at Overwatch Workshop. See if you continue to be so good with your favorite characters with an altered mode of vision.

The code we gave you in this article leads to a mod designed by Waitedboat4’s, but there are actually a ton of mods like this — check them all out here

Random event every 10 seconds

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Workshop Code: ZBSEC

As the name of this mod suggests — every 10 seconds, some random event happens. A 10-second timer appears on the screen during the game, counting down the time until an unexpected event occurs. This is one of the most popular mods, and there are plenty of servers where you can play this way.

Learn more about this mod and check out the list of all the events that can happen here.


As you can see, Overwatch can be played by more than just moving a cart and conquering a location. We hope you enjoyed the article, and we wish you a lot of fun playing these mods.