Best Gaming Chairs With Speakers: Standard speaker, Subwoofer, & Sound-reactive Vibration

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Gaming chairs have now become a distinct niche altogether. They are no more just about seating comfort as modern gaming chairs come packed with a ton of utilitarian features, including wireless speakers. 

Many gaming chair companies have worked along the lines of car manufacturers to combine seating comfort with audio. In this post, you will find the 6 best gaming chair with speakers with vibration.

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Just like the way many car models include speaker-integrated seats, many gaming chair companies now include wireless speakers in several of their gaming chair models to elevate the overall gaming experience.

But does listening to music actually elevate the gaming experience? 

While this may not be true for everybody, many professional gamers do prefer to listen to music when gaming. According to a survey by SK Gaming, many professional League of Legends Ranked gamers prefer to listen to music when playing the game. 

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Also, more number of League of Legends Ranked players found music to be helpful in improving concentration and boosting their overall gameplay. 

Source: SK Gaming

Best gaming chair with speakers with vibration

Gaming chairs with speakers do work well in combining music listening with gaming. The side or rear speakers they use can help you enjoy your music without disrupting your concentration and focus by firing audio rearwards and playing music as a background. 

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Moreover, using wireless speakers in gaming chairs is fairly easy. Many gaming chairs with speakers include a dedicated Bluetooth transmitter/receiver unit that you can easily connect to the audio input of the chair speakers. 

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6 best gaming chairs with speakers and Vibration

Gaming chairs with wireless speakers are not just about audio as they are equally comfortable as standard models. The best part is there are many chair models that combine wireless audio with several other features such as full recline, audio-sync vibration, RGB lighting, and rocking function. 

Here are the six best gaming chairs with speakers that differ in features and price: 

1. GT Racing Music Series GT890M(best gaming chair with speaker and vibration)

GT Racing Music Series GT890M is a simple and affordable gaming chair with speakers that’s well-suited for budget buyers. This best gaming chair with speakers and vibration includes two wireless speakers on the back of each shoulder rest. With Bluetooth 5.0, the wireless speakers ensure seamless connectivity and audio playback. 

The chair itself is comfortable and durable. It’s based on a single-piece steel frame that offers uncompromised stability and 300 lbs load-bearing capacity. Both the armrest and backrest of the chair are fully adjustable. Further improving ergonomics and overall comfort are removable lumbar pillow and headrest pillow. 


  • High-density cushioning ensures firm body support
  • Wireless speakers work with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Removable lumbar pillow and headrest pillow


  • Not the best audio quality  
  • Non-breathable outer upholstery 

2. Riotoro Spitfire X1S Plus – check it out here (Best PC gaming chair with speakers and Vibration)

You don’t have to limit your options to just standard-looking models when exploring gaming chairs with speakers. You can also go for RGB models such as the Riotoro Spitfire X1S Plus and elevate the overall RGB look of your gaming setup. 

Riotoro Spitfire X1S Plus instantly stands out from the pack with its customizable RGB lighting that’s integrated on the edges of the bottom and backrest. Things get further exciting with the wireless back-firing speakers that use Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure hassle-free and low latency connectivity. This model also bags the title of one of the best gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers in the comfort category with full backrest and armrest adjustability. 


  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Bluetooth 5.0 supported
  • Fully-adjustable lumbar support 


  • Average audio performance
  • No built-in battery for RGB lighting 

3. Killabee VON RACER Sound Pedestal – check it out here 

Many gaming chairs do include wireless speakers for offering the convenience of wireless audio listening. They, however, miss out on a detailed and intricate audio performance that can come on par with high-performance audio systems. This is where gaming chairs such as the Killabee VON RACER Sound Pedestal comes into the picture. 

Unlike many gaming chairs, this model not just includes two speakers but also uses a dedicated subwoofer to offer bass-rich audio performance. The dedicated controls for volume and bass give you the flexibility to shape the audio of the chair’s audio system as per your preference. This best gaming chair with speakers does not make any compromises in the comfort front as well. Its plush cushioning, in combination with a pedestal-style form factor, makes it a highly comfortable gaming chair.


  • A dedicated 4-inch subwoofer included
  • Thick cushioning improves comfort
  • The pedestal base offers a full swivel 


  • Limited adjustability on the headrest
  • No dedicated lumbar pillow included

4. X Rocker Typhoon – check it out here (Console gaming chair with speakers)

X Rocker Typhoon borrows the concept of gaming chairs with speakers and takes it a bit further with more immersive audio. It uses not just two but four dedicated speakers in combination with a dedicated backrest subwoofer to offer truly immersive audio that can elevate the gaming experience to a whole new level. This model also uses a sound reactive tri-motor vibration which makes it one of the best gaming chairs with speakers and vibration. 

X Rocker Typhoon goes big in the comfort category as well. It has plush cushioning and ergonomically designed exterior padding which offers a high level of comfort for long hours. Also, the pedestal base of the gaming chair offers a full swivel option. 


  • A dedicated subwoofer offers bass-rich audio
  • Audio EQ control options included
  • High-density plush cushioning 


  • Armrests have a fixed design
  • No dedicated lumbar pillow included 

5. Brazen Emperor X 2.1 – check it out here (Console gaming chair with speakers)

Rocker gaming chairs are in a league of their own when it comes to compactness, overall comfort, and uniqueness. If you prefer the wireless audio system of speaker gaming chairs in a rocker-style gaming chair, you cannot go wrong with Brazen Emperor X 2.1. This model performs along the lines of X Rocker Typhoon in the audio department with its speakers and a subwoofer. 

Brazen Emperor X 2.1 also performs double duty as a gaming recliner with speakers with its rocking and backrest reclining function. Similar to all the high-end gaming chairs from Brazen, this model offers hours of seating comfort with plush cushioning. 


  • Rocking design 
  • Foldable backrest
  • A dedicated subwoofer included


  • Non-adjustable armrests 
  • No detachable headrest and lumbar pillow 

6. GT Racing Music Series D38AMF – check it out here 

If you are someone who is naturally inclined to massaging gaming chairs but also would like to access the convenience of wireless audio, GT Racing Music Series D38AMF can be an unmistakable choice for you. This gaming chair offers the best of both worlds, wireless audio, and a massaging feature.

GT Racing Music Series D38AMF comes included with two standard Bluetooth speakers that can help you enjoy your favorite music in the background. Also, the dedicated lumbar pillow of this chair has a massaging feature that you can use to fully relax and keep the risk of muscle strains at bay. Other important features such as a full metal frame, full reclining, and adjustable headrest pillow and armrests complete this model as a highly comfortable gaming chair. 


  • Wireless audio + massaging feature 
  • Fully adjustable armrests and backrest
  • Retractable footrest included 


  • Average audio quality 
  • Not the most plush cushioning 

Be sure to prioritize reclining for comfort

If you plan to go for a gaming recliner with speakers to keep seating and reclining comfort the top priority, make sure that it offers a complete 175° recline. With this full recline function, you can sway the backrest way back and get fully comfortable when your in-game character is on autopilot or when watching gameplay recap/highlights. 

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It’s important to remember that a reclining gaming chair is only the best in terms of utility and comfort if it includes the option to lock the backrest recline at any angle. 

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It’s worth choosing a reclining gaming chair that includes a foldable footrest. With the footrest unfolded and the backrest reclined low, you can transform the chair into a makeshift relaxing couch when you want to be AFK (away from keyboard) in the game for a while. 

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And that’s a wrap

To best enjoy the wireless speakers of the gaming chair you choose, playing the right type of music does play an important role. Make the most out of the wireless speakers in the gaming chair you choose with these playlists that include songs that are specifically well-suited for gaming: 

Spotify playlist – check it out here

Soundcloud playlist – check it out here

Billboard playlist – check it out here

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