10 Best Curved Gaming Monitors in 2021 (Budget, 32 inch and Ultrawide)

Curved gaming monitors are on a league of their own when it comes to offering an immersive gaming experience. They outcompete their flat counterparts in terms of offering wide and precise viewing angles as well. The best part is, the curved gaming monitor segment is continuously growing as a distinct gaming monitor category. All thanks to the brands that regularly put out new models and release exciting new features with every model refresh cycle.

If you are looking forward to upgrading to one of the best curved gaming monitors in 2021, then look no farther as we have compiled different types of curved gaming monitors in this list. Whether you want to go for the top-tier features or are planning to stick to a limited budget, we have listed models for almost all types of requirements.

Requirements for best curved gaming monitor of 2021

To further make it easier for you to get your hands on the right curved gaming monitor model, we have listed several features to look out for. Check them below:

  • Screen size – Choosing a curved gaming monitor doesn’t mean that you have to limit your options to large screen sizes. 24 inch is the smallest screen size that’s good enough for helping you get the benefit of immersive viewing.
  • Curvature rate – Curved gaming monitors come in different curvature rates (also known as curvature radius (R)). 1800R curvature is good for monitors that are 30 inch or larger. 1500R curvature has more curve and is best-suited for 24 inch and 27 inch gaming monitors. Some monitors measuring 30 inch or larger are also available in 1500R and the more aggressive 1000R curvature rate.
  • Resolution – Resolution and screen size go hand in hand. Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) is good for 24 to 30 inch gaming monitors. Quad HD or Wide Quad HD is the best for 30 inch or larger-size gaming monitors.
  • Refresh rate – 120 Hz is the minimum refresh rate to look for if you are a PC gamer; higher refresh rates such as 144 Hz, 200 Hz, and 240 Hz are better. 60 Hz to 70 Hz is good for PS4 gaming.
  • Response time – For a curved gaming monitor to offer highly smooth gaming visuals, 5 MS response time (the speed at how fast colors change) is a must-have. Shorter response times, such as 3 MS and 1 MS, help curved gaming monitors perform exceptionally smooth.
  • Panel type –  TN panels deliver the smoothest visual transitions. On the other hand, IPS and VA panels stand out with their impressive color coverage and accuracy.
  • Color gamut coverage –  The higher the color coverage, the more color-accurate the gaming visuals. Look for a minimum of 75% RGB color gamut coverage in a curved gaming monitor.
  • Adaptive syncing – NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD Radeon FreeSync are two of the most popular and commonly-used adaptive syncing features. A branded curved gaming monitor should come with one of two adaptive syncing features.
  • Connectivity – Many curved gaming monitors are designed to deliver the max performance via the display port, making the port a must-have. Also, dual HDMI port setup helps you connect the monitor to one or more gaming units (e.g. PC, console) and use it alternatively.
  • Stand adjustment functions – Adjustment functions in the stand, such as height, pivot, tilt, and swivel, improve ergonomics and help you get the best viewing angle. 

Review of best curved gaming monitor of 2021

Sceptre C248B-144RN 24-Inch – best budget curved gaming monitor

Sceptre C248B-144RN gives a great start to this list as it is one of the best curved gaming monitors in 2021 in the budget category. Sceptre has totally achieved perfection in offering one of the best values at an affordable price point in this monitor.

If you are someone who has plans to upgrade to a curved gaming monitor, there’s no better model to start than with this monitor. It packs all the top-tier features needed for high-end gaming in a 24 inch footprint.

Budget option has never been more valuable

Sceptre C248B-144RN gives a tough competition to other curved gaming monitors in the budget category with its trio of high-end features, including Full HD resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate, and 3 MS response time. The best part? The monitor offers these features in a compact 24 inch screen size. If you’re short on desk/tabletop space, the monitor’s compact screen size is just what you need.

Making the monitor work the best for your favorite games is easy. With features such as AMD Radeon FreeSync and dedicated gaming settings, adjusting the monitor’s settings to match with your gaming PC/console’s performance becomes hassle-free.

Sceptre C248B-144RN impresses in the aesthetics department as well; its ultra-thin bezel design helps you enjoy a spacious viewing experience in the 24 inch screen size. Viewing comfort is uncompromised as anti-flicker feature and blue light reduction help you game for long hours. Two HDMI ports, one display port, and one headphone jack are included for connectivity.


  • 144 Hz refresh rate is the best value for the price
  • Custom game settings included
  • 1800R curvature rate offers good immersion
  • Settings buttons are easy to reach and use
  • Stand supports tilt adjustment


  • Default color and contrast settings may require tweaks
  • Stand doesn’t have the most sturdy design
  • 1080p at 144 Hz is supported only via the HDMI 2.0 port

AOC C32G1 32 inch – best budget 32 inch curved monitor

Gaming monitors that look as good as they perform are unique and valuable in their own right. AOC C32G1 is one such gaming monitor that gives even some of the best budget curved gaming monitors a run for the money with its bezel-less design and power-packed performance.

The monitor’s bezel-less design not only opens up more viewing space but also ensures seamlessness for multi-curved monitor setups. Its overall sleek design also works great in elevating the overall look of your gaming rig. 

budget curved monitor that offers 32 inch screen real estate

AOC C32G1 comes as an irresistible choice in the budget category not just with its ultra-modern design but also with its top-of-the-line features. This curved gaming monitor combines Full HD resolution with 144 Hz refresh rate and an industry-leading 1 MS response time. These features work together to bring the best of the immersion that the VA panel’s 1800R curvature rate offers.

The VA panel also boasts an impressive color accuracy which makes game characters come to life. Screen tearing comes nowhere close to being an issue as the monitor’s AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 ensures error-free adaptive syncing.

Viewing comfort of this model is on par with that of high-end, premium-priced gaming monitors, thanks to its low blue light mode and flicker-free feature combo. For connectivity, this monitor includes two HDMI ports, one display port, one VGA port, and one audio jack.


  • 32 inch screen size is a great value for affordable pricing
  • VA panel has a stunning 122% sRGB color coverage
  • Modern-looking bezel-less design
  • 1800R curvature rate perfectly matches 32 inch screen size
  • Good selection of ports


  • No built-in speakers
  • Default display settings may not work for many
  • Adaptive syncing may require driver setting changes to work

Sceptre C305B-200UN 30 inch – best ultrawide gaming monitor (budget)

Gone are the days when buyers had to spend a lot to get their hands on one of the best ultrawide curved gaming monitors. Models such as the Sceptre C305B-200UN help you get the best of ultrawide viewing and lag-free performance at an affordable price tag.

This curved gaming monitor packs several high-end features that, otherwise, are available only in premium gaming monitors. Also, it doesn’t fail to impress with its ultra-thin bezel design.

Live your game and dominate it

One of the biggest highlights of Sceptre C305B-200UN that garner attention is the combination of 2K resolution and a stunning 200 Hz refresh rate. Backing up this combo is 5 MS response time which works great in smoothening visuals. Also, the monitor’s 21:9 wide aspect ratio makes the best out of its 30 inch screen size.

The convenience that this model offers in the settings adjustment front is simply one of the best. Features such as AMD Radeon FreeSync adaptive syncing and customized gaming modes help ease graphics configuration tasks.

The monitor’s blue light shift and anti-flicker feature work together to offer optimum viewing comfort. This model also comes with a wide array of ports, including one display port, three HDMI ports, and one audio jack.


  • High-end combo of 2K resolution and 200 Hz refresh rate
  • 90% sRGB color gamut coverage
  • 21:9 wide aspect ratio matches 1800R curvature rate
  • Gaming-themed accent LED lighting integrated at the back panel
  • Dedicated gaming modes included
  • Stand supports height and tilt adjustment


  • 200 Hz refresh rate is supported only via the display port
  • Only one out of three HDMI ports support 165 Hz refresh rate transfer
  • Average-performing built-in speakers

Acer Nitro XZ342CK – 34 inch curved gaming monitor with Wide QHD resolution

Acer is a strong player in the gaming electronics market, including the gaming monitor segment. Acer Nitro XZ342CK is one of the largest gaming monitors from the brand (in terms of screen size) and it certainly is high-performing.

This model redefines how a curved widescreen gaming monitor should perform like with its top-tier features. If you want to immerse yourself in your favorite games to best experience them, this model comes as a perfect pick.

Immersion at its best

Acer Nitro XZ342CK wraps your peripheral field of vision with its 34 inch VA panel that has a curvature rate of 1500R. To make sure that you get the best visuals in this monitor’s 34 inch footprint, Acer has combined a Wide QHD resolution with 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 MS response time.

The monitor’s VA panel delivers stunning color accuracy with 95% of sRGB color gamut coverage. The inclusion of AMD Radeon FreeSync makes syncing this monitor with gaming PC/console a hassle-free experience. This monitor also offers dedicated gaming modes to suit the game genres you play.

Getting engaged and immersed in long hours of competitive gaming sessions won’t take a toll on your eyes, all thanks to the monitor’s blue light reduction feature. Acer has included two HDMI ports, one display port, and one audio jack in this gaming monitor.


  • Good combo of 34 inch screen size and Wide QHD resolution
  • 16:9 wide aspect ratio matches 1500R curvature rate
  • Support for HDR 400 included
  • Customised gaming modes included
  • Stand supports tilt and height adjustment


  • Average audio performance
  • Stand doesn’t have the best ergonomics
  • Color and contrast may not look stunning out of the box

Acer ED273 Abidpx 27 inch – 144 Hz curved monitor

Another curved gaming monitor from Acer that doesn’t fail to deliver an exhilarating gaming performance is the Acer ED273 Abidpx. If you want a 27 inch gaming monitor that can perfectly fit in your desk/worktop and offer immersive visuals, you can’t go wrong with this model.

Similar to some of the other budget curved gaming monitors in this list, this model offers top-tier features with an affordable price tag. From offering lag-free, smooth visuals to ensuring uncompromised viewing ergonomics, this 27 inch monitor checks every box.

178° viewing angle in a 27 inch screen size

Acer ED273 Abidpx helps you get the best gaming experience in a Full HD resolution with 144 Hz refresh rate and 4 MS response time. This model is one of the few curved gaming monitors in the non-premium pricing category to offer 178° wide viewing angle in a 27 inch screen size. 

The monitor’s well-balanced combination of 16:9 aspect ratio and 1800R curvature rate helps eliminate blind spots and ensure immersive viewing. Adaptive syncing is made hassle-free in this monitor with the availability of NVIDIA G-Sync. 

Acer ED273 Abidpx goes easy on the eyes with its wide range of viewing comfort features, including low dimming technology, ComfyView, blue light filter, and flicker-less feature. Connectivity ports available in this monitor include one DVI port, one HDMI port, one audio jack, and one display port.


  • 144 Hz refresh rate in a 27 inch screen size
  • NVIDIA G-Sync ensures seamless adaptive syncing
  • Includes support for AMD Radeon FreeSync as well
  • Several viewing comfort features included
  • VA panel offers great picture clarity


  • Default color temperature may be warm for some
  • Stand doesn’t support swivel and pivot adjustment
  • Average audio performance

MSI Optix MAG270VC2 27 inch – 165 Hz refresh rate for zero motion blurs

Getting your hands on a high-performing curved gaming monitor doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to limit your option to larger screen size models. If you want high performance in a compact screen size, monitors such as the MSI Optix MAG270VC2 come as an unmistakable choice.

This model deserves the moniker of one of the best 27 inch curved gaming monitors as it packs a punch with its form as well as functionality. This monitor also offers the best-in-class viewing ergonomics.

Power-packed features in a 27 inch footprint

MSI Optix MAG270VC2 uses a 27 inch VA panel that has a curvature rate of 1800R; its 16:9 aspect ratio and ultra-thin bezel design combo lets you get the most spacious and immersive viewing experience in a 27 inch footprint. Complementing the monitor’s Full HD resolution is a stunning 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 MS response time.

Regardless of the type of graphics settings you have configured in your gaming PC or console, the availability of AMD Radeon FreeSync makes it easy for you to sync the monitor. The option of adjusting various graphics settings parameters further adds to the convenience. 

For viewing comfort, this monitor includes a blue light reduction option. The height, tilt, and swivel adjustment function of the stand offers optimum viewing ergonomics. One display port, and two HDMI ports are available for connectivity. 


  • Stunning 165 Hz refresh rate
  • 16:9 aspect ratio and 1800R curvature rate offer wide viewing
  • Modern-looking ultra-thin bezel design
  • Stand supports tilt, height, and swivel adjustment
  • Good overall build quality


  • No built-in speakers
  • Default graphics settings may require changes

Samsung G5 Odyssey – best 32 inch curved monitor

When it comes to offering high-performance curved gaming monitors, Samsung does not take the ordinary approach. This can be seen in their popular models, including the Samsung G5 Odyssey.

This gaming monitor excels at the core strength of curved gaming monitors, and that is immersive viewing. For fully immersing yourself in your games, there’s no reason not to choose this high-performing 32 inch curved monitor.  

Have everything in your field of vision

1000R curvature rate for total immersion

Samsung G5 Odyssey immerses you in your game with its stunning 1000R curvature rate which helps you view all the action without ever moving or tilting your head. The monitor’s 1000R curve is perfectly matched with Wide QHD resolution. The top-of-the-line 1 MS response time and 144 Hz refresh rate also contribute to the overall performance of the monitor.

Game characters come to life in this monitor as HDR 10 ensures great color accuracy and luminosity. Also, switching between different game genres becomes hassle-free as AMD Radeon FreeSync eases adaptive syncing.

Samsung G5 Odyssey comes with a versatile selection of ports, including one HDMI port, one USB 3 Type A port, one display port, and one audio jack. The stand includes options for height, tile, and swivel adjustments.


  • Stunning 1000R curvature rate
  • 32 inch screen size and Wide QHD resolution are a great pair
  • Stand is designed for swivel, height, and tilt adjustments
  • One USB 3 port included
  • Premium look and feel


  • Default configuration may not work for many
  • Average-level audio performance

Samsung LC27RG50FQNXZA – 240 Hz refresh rate in 27 inch screen size

Another high-performing curved gaming monitor from Samsung we have in this list is the Samsung LC27RG50FQNXZA. This curved gaming monitor offers everything that can possibly be in a 27 inch form factor.

Sure, this model is a bit pricier than many 27 inch gaming monitors, but what it offers in exchange is undoubtedly one of the best values.

Best curved gaming monitors in 2021 from Samsung

To say that Samsung LC27RG50FQNXZA is one of the best curved gaming monitors in the 27 inch screen size category would do it total justice. This is because the monitor offers a whopping 240 Hz refresh rate in Full HD resolution. Completing the refresh rate and resolution combo is 4 MS response time.

Configuring this monitor to match your console/gaming PC’s graphics settings becomes easy with NVIDIA G-Sync adaptive syncing. Also, the availability of multiple gaming modes help you get the best out of the monitor’s performance regardless of the game genres you play.

Samsung has made no mistake in ensuring viewing comfort in this monitor by including the Eye Saver mode which lowers screen flickers. Convenience is uncompromised in the connectivity front as well; the availability of one HDMI port and one display port open up good connectivity options.


  • Competition-leading 240 Hz refresh rate
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio helps ensure clarity in dark areas/scenes
  • Multiple game modes included
  • High-quality build
  • Stand support tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustments


  • No height adjustment option on the stand
  • Default setting may be highly saturated for some
  • Not the shortest response time

Alienware AW3420DW 34 inch – the best of 34 inch screen size

Alienware never fails to stand out in the gaming market with its high-performing and innovative gaming devices. Alienware’s gaming monitors carry the same high-performance DNA seen in the brand’s gaming laptops.

Alienware AW3420DW is the type of monitor that you cannot go wrong with if you are building an ultimate gaming rig. This monitor offers breathtaking visual performance with its arsenal of high-end features.

A curved monitor as grand as its performance

Alienware AW3420DW boasts impressive viewing quality of the likes of premium 4K curved gaming monitors, thanks to its Wide QHD resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate, and 2 MS response time. Also, the monitor’s 1900R curvature rate and 21:9 aspect ratio come as a powerful pair.

This monitor includes NVIDIA G-Sync which makes adaptive syncing a hassle-free task. The IPS panel of this monitor offers life-like visuals with a stunning 98% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage.

This model is undoubtedly one of the best-looking curved gaming monitors as it features an ultra-modern gaming-themed design. Equally impressive is the height, tilt, and pivot adjustment options of the monitor that the stand offers. This monitor also offers a wide selection of ports, including four USB 3 ports (two for downstream, two for upstream), one display port, one HDMI port, and one audio jack.


  • High-end combo of 34 inch screen size and Wide QHD resolution
  • IPS panel offers impressive color accuracy
  • NVIDIA G-Sync makes adaptive syncing quick and easy
  • 16:9 aspect ratio matches 1900R curvature rate
  • Stand includes tilt, height, and pivot adjustments
  • Accent LED lighting


  • No built-in speakers
  • Default graphics settings may require changes

ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ 31.5 inch – coolest-looking curved monitor for gaming

ASUS shares similarities with Alienware when it comes to equipping gaming monitors with a powerful performance while pulling off the coolest-looking gaming-themed aesthetics. A perfect example of this is the ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ.

The 31.5 inch screen size of this curved gaming monitor is large enough to immerse you in your favorite games and compact enough to avoid cluttering your gaming rig setup.

Features as powerful as your gaming passion

ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ comes with a wide range of features that are designed to achieve one main goal, and that is to elevate your gaming experience. This monitor smoothens every gaming action by offering 144 Hz refresh rate and 4 MS response time in a Wide QHD resolution.

The monitor’s VA panel offers immersive viewing with a curvature rate of 1800R and 16:9 wide aspect ratio. Adaptive syncing is made hassle-free with the inclusion of AMD Radeon FreeSync. Dedicated game modes also help ease the task of configuring the monitor’s graphics settings.

Like other high-end gaming monitors from ASUS, this model comes with ASUS Eye Care technology which uses blue light reduction and anti-flicker features to ensure optimum viewing comfort. For connectivity, one HDMI port, one USB 3 port, one display port, and one audio jack are available.


  • 144 Hz refresh rate in Wide QHD resolution offers great smoothness and clarity
  • Accent RGB and LED projection
  • GameVisual and GamePlus hotkeys improve accessibility
  • Stand included swivel, height, and tilt adjustments
  • ASUS Aura Sync eases RGB lighting customization


  • Red LED projection does not work when wall mounted
  • Average audio performance
  • Default settings may require further calibrations


1) Is a curved monitor good for gaming?

Yes, curved gaming monitors are the best for enjoying an immersive gaming experience. As compared to flat monitors, they offer more immersion with their curved panels.

2) What is better curved or flat monitor?

It totally depends on your requirement. If you require a monitor just for gaming, a curved gaming monitor would be the right pick. On the other hand, if you want to use a monitor for gaming and work, a flat panel can be better for you. 

3) What are the pros and cons of a curved monitor?

The biggest benefits of curved gaming monitors include immersive viewing, wide viewing angles, viewing comfort, and overall gaming advantage. The only downside is the picture quality they deliver isn’t on par with that of flat monitors.

4) Is a curved screen better for the eyes?

Yes. Even the lowest priced curved gaming monitors aren’t as reflective as many flat panel monitors. Many curved gaming monitors also come equipped with blue light and flicker reduction features.

5) Do curved monitors affect aim?

No. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Curved gaming monitors (with 144 Hz refresh rate and above) help you improve your aim in gaming genres such as FPS.

6) Do curved monitors break easily?

Most curved gaming monitors are built to be sturdy. A large part of the odds of damaging the monitor also depends on the way you handle and care for it.


We’ve considered listing more buying factors as a good way to wrap up this list. Bezel size is an important factor not just for aesthetics but for multi-monitor setup as well. Ultra-thin bezels ensure minimal gaps when setting up two or more curved monitors in your gaming rig.

Wall mount support is equally important. You may choose to wall mount your gaming monitor sometime later to clear the clutter in your tabletop. Therefore, look for VESA wall mount support. Lastly, make sure to learn about your gaming PC/console’s graphics performance so that the monitor you choose isn’t underkill or overkill performance and price-wise.