10 Batman Arkham Games in Order (Updated 2021)

If one superhero game franchise is successful, then that is the Batman Arkham games series. In fact, they are even considered as some of the greatest third-person action adventures of all time. Back in the early 2000s, it was nearly impossible for superhero games to capture and live up to fan’s expectations. They were poor adaptations of mediocre superhero movies. Besides, that was the time when the whole hype around superheroes started to rise. 

With few exceptions, superhero games hadn’t yet found their space in gaming. As such, the excitement built over the games released at that time couldn’t last as other successful games in different genres overshadowed them. 

In August 2009, however, a game that marked the start of an unbelievably successful video game series was released. 

That game was Batman: Arkham Asylum. It achieved what previous superhero games didn’t and gave life to the superhero gaming genre. And due to its immediate success, the birth of a great franchise occurred. 

Here’s an overview of the complete Batman: Arkham series in chronological order. First are the four main games in the franchise, followed by the portable titles and expansions: 

Batman Arkham Games in Order

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Release Date: 25th August 2009

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Mac OS X

This is the game that started it all. It is the first and the foremost. Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Arkham Asylum has a quite gothic story. 

After capturing the Joker in Gotham City and putting him into Arkham Asylum, Batman has to restore order, as Joker breaks free and takes the asylum under his control. Of course, he is assisted by other famous villains from the Batman franchise. 

Regarding gameplay, Arkham Asylum is a great game. And it does not disappoints. Batman has a wide range of gadgets and weapons at his disposal from the get-go. The game also combines quick and thrilling combat with stealth elements executed very well. 

2. Batman: Arkham City 

Release Date: 18th October 2011

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, Mac OS X

After the extensive success of Arkham Asylum, a sequel was released. Batman: Arkham City, also developed by Rockstead Studios, picks up from the events of the previous title. Gotham City is transformed into Arkham City by villains who have escaped Arkham Asylum. The person behind this villainy is not Joker but Dr. Hugo Strange. In this second entry also, Catwoman is introduced, who is a playable character as well.  

Players see a number of new and exciting gadgets. However, Batman: Arkham City does not feature changes to the gameplay mechanics in comparison to Arkham Asylum. 

3. Batman: Arkham Origins 

Release Date: 25th October 2013

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U

Batman: Arkham Origins is the third entry in the franchise. And as you may have guessed, it is a prequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Contrary to the previous two games, this one was developed by WB Montreal. It focuses on Bruce Wayne’s earlier career when Bruce was the target of Black Mask and 8 Assassins. 

Gameplay-wise, Batman: Arkham Origins is pretty much the same as its predecessors. Good combat, stealth sequences, and multiple gadgets. Good stuff!

4. Batman: Arkham Knight 

Release Date: 23rd June 2015

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC

Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth and, so far, the latest title in the main Batman video game series. 

Developed by might Rocksteady Studios, it follows up on the events of Arkham City. Now though, the story takes place in the dark streets of Gotham City. What’s interesting about this one is its villains. Scarecrow and a mysterious person by the name of Arkham Knight are the incarnate evil. 

And if, while playing the previous games, you ever wished to drive around Gotham City in the infamous Batmobile, now is your chance! In Batman: Arkham Knight, players can use the Batmobile as they tackle evil. The other gameplay aspects are similar to previous titles, but they were refined and more polished. 

Handheld Batman Games and Expansions

1. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown 

Release Date: 7th December 2011

Platforms: iOS, Android

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown was a fighting game for Batman: Arkham City released for mobile devices. It was the return of many popular characters from both Arkham City and Asylum. Obviously, it focused more on the gratifying fist-to-fist combat rather than the story. 

2. Batman: Arkham Origins

Release Date: 16th October 2013

Platforms: iOS, Android

That was a mobile action Batman game developed by Netherrealm Studios. It is similar to Arkham City Lockdown. The storyline is based on Batman: Arkham Origins but with a few minor differences. 

3. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Release Date: 25th October 2013

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PC

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is a spin-off of Batman: Arkham Origins. 

It is an enjoyable 2.5D side-scrolling game that brings memories from the 1993 Batman Returns for the SNES. The game maintains the fluid combat and stealth mechanics of the main version. And even though it is not a full-fledged 3D action game, it is still pure fun. 

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is an underappreciated gem!

4. Batman: Arkham Underworld 

Release Date: July 2016

Platforms: iOS, Android

If you ever felt bored playing as the good guy in Arkham Underworld you could take up the role of Gotham City’s most lethal villains, such as Harley Quinn or Killer Croc. The goal was to build hideouts and recruit henchmen in your goal of becoming the most wanted criminal in Gotham. 

Unfortunately, this mobile strategy game was removed from both iOS and Android platforms in 2017. 

Batman: Arkham VR 

Release Date: 11th October 2016

Platforms: Playstation 4, PC

What could be better than punching a few villains as Batman? Punching the same villains with your real-life hands instead of a controller! 

Batman: Arkham VR is a virtual reality adventure. It takes place between Arkham City and Arkham Knight events. Regrettably, players do not engage in combat as the game focuses on puzzle-solving and exploration. You are Batman as he investigates the disappearance of his fellows, Robin and Nightwing. 

No VR punches, then. Well, that was too good to be true from the beginning. Perhaps, someday.

Upcoming: Batman Court of Owls 

From the official WB Games Montreal Twitter account.  

Release Date: In Development

Platforms: Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S (possibly)

A new Batman game is under development from WB Games Montreal after they canceled the Suicide Squad game. And even though there hasn’t been any official information, teasers for Batman: Court of Owls is an almost daily phenomenon. 

According to speculation, it is a Bruce Wayne-based Batman title with the Court of Owls as the main antagonists. Besides, Geoff Ellenor, who is the game director of WB Montreal, has been teasing the Court of Owls for a really long time. 


So this is it! You have a complete overview of the Batman Arkham video games in chronological order. And as you eagerly wait for another teaser of the speculated upcoming Batman game, go ahead and throw some punches to Joker and the other Gotham City villains. 

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