Apex Legends Badges – Ultimate Guide

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For many players, badges seem like mere cosmetics and nothing important; however, they can impact gameplay more than you may think. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at them, tell you what exactly they are, why you should aim for earning them, and which ones are the most prestigious.  Let’s get started!


What exactly are badges in Apex Legends?

You could say that badges are proof of earning a specific achievement. You can display up the three badges of your choice on your Legend Banner. Here’s an example of how it looks like:

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What achievements you choose to showcase in your Legend Banner may suggest to your new team how experienced you are. With more prestigious badges, you can command respect and get the role of Jumpmaster (the player who decides where to land) more often. It can also affect your opponents decision-making during the game, especially at lower ranks! The enemy team, seeing a player with hard-to-get badges, may decide to play more cautiously.

As you can see, these cosmetics can have a paradoxically large impact on the gameplay.  Interestingly, you can get pretty much all important badges without spending a dime.    

Legend Badges

You can apply most of the badges you earn to any Legend Banner. There’s one exception — Legend Badges. These are the type of badges you need to unlock separately for each of the 16 Legends. Here are some examples: 

(Source of images — reddit.com)

Shot Caller Badge

Unlocked by winning the game as a Jumpmaster

 Rapid          Elimination Badge
Unlocked by killing 4 opponents in less than 20 seconds

Deadeye Badge

Unlocked by getting the last kill of the game

Legend Badges also include badges for winning games with a specific Legend. Each badge of this type has 5 tiers.  Let’s use Revenant as an example. 

Tier 1 Badge

Unlocked by winning 1 game

Tier 2 Badge

Unlocked by winning 5 games

Tier 3 Badge

Unlocked by winning 15 games

Tier 4 Badge

Unlocked by winning 50 games

Tier 5 Badge

Unlocked by winning 100 games

The process of increasing tiers is the same for each Legend.

Ranked Season badges

The higher rank you reach, the better badge you’ll get at the end of the Ranked Season. Setting yourself up with a badge that proves you’ve achieved a high rank can be a great indicator of your skills. We’ll show you what these types of badges look like using Season 6 as an example. 

             (Source of images: gamepedia.com)

Bronze tier badge

Silver tier badge

Gold tier badge

Platinum tier badge

Diamond tier badge

Master tier badge

Predator tier badge

The ranking seasons in Apex Legends are 3 months long and that’s  exactly how much time you have to earn this type of badge.

Other ways to get badges

Badges can also be received for:

  • Owning Content Packs; each type of content pack has an associated badge
  • Participation in various events
  • A subscription to Origin Access (this option only applies to the PC platform)
  • A subscription to EA Access (this option only applies to the Xbox and PS4 platforms)
  • Being an employee of Respawn Entertainment
  • Playing with your friends
  • Participation in Battle Passes, that cost 950 Apex Coins and last about two months

Most prestigious badges

Now that we’ve covered the basics of badges, let’s move on to the most prestigious ones that are worth the effort. Some of them are extremely hard to get, but once you make it, you’ll stand out in any game lobby.

(Source of images — reddit.com)

  • 10/10/10 Teamwork Badge — Unlocked by having each player on your pre-made team (including you) kill 10 enemies. Undoubtedly, the rarest badge in the game. It takes teamwork at the highest level to get it.

  • Assassin IV Badge — Unlocked by playing 100 games with 5 or more kills at the end of the match. Excellent evidence of your consistency as a player.

  • X Wake’s Badge (Legend badge) —  Unlocked by killing 20 enemies or more in one match using a specific Legend. Proof that you can use a particular Legend exceptionally well.

  • The Legacy Continues Badge — Unlocked by winning a match without any of your teammates dying. It doesn’t matter if your team is pre-made or not.

  • Master Of All Badge — Unlocked by winning at least 10 matches with 8 different legends. Proof that you already have some experience with different playstyles.

  • Level 500 Badge — Unlocked by achieving the maximum profile level.

  • X Wrath’s Badge (Legend badge) — Unlocked by dealing 4000 total points of damage in one game using a specific Legend.


We hope that you’ll start to pay more attention to the badges on your Legend Banners. Also, try to get the unique ones and see how other players’ attitudes towards you change. Best of luck!